‘Some producers say you have to pay dues by having sex’…- Dami Ann Alabi

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UK based Presenter, Actress and Filmmaker ,Dami Alabi talks about career and the Industry. She had her first acting opportunity in 2008 with a movie, ‘Rescue Me’ which was a big break for her, she featured in several other productions namely; The Rubicon (2013), Scars of Poverty (2012),My Angel My Funeral (2013),Victim No More (2012)…images
BON: You are Presenter, Actress and a Filmmaker, how has it been like?

DAMI ALABI: It’s been good, it’s all entertainment. I started with acting then I produced my first film, and after that went into TV and Radio Presenting.

BON: When did you produce your first film?

DAMI ALABI: The first film I produced, The Rubicon which was produced in the UK, where I am actually based. I came to Nigeria to sell my film and join Nollywood.

BON: Are you intending to move back?

DAMI ALABI: errrmm… intend to be here a lot, it’s not a move back but intend to be here a lot. I work here, do movies here. I am between Nigeria and the UK at the moment.

BON: How many films have you produced?

DAMI ALABI: At the moment I have produced two. The Rubicon and a Yoruba film “Lakurubutu”, which is not out.

BON: So you speak Yoruba language fluently?

DAMI ALABI: Yeah (laughs)… I speak Yoruba language fluently. I have done some Yoruba films.

BON: Can you tell us about your background briefly?

DAMI ALABI: I am from a family of seven, am the second to the last born. My Primary and Secondary education was in Nigeria, and my University education was in UK, where I studied Law.index
BON: You studied Law and you are into acting?

DAMI ALABI: (laughs) yeah I studied Law in the University but I am acting as a Profession.

BON: When did you realize your love for acting?

DAMI ALABI: err mm…the love for acting has always being there. I just didn’t know I could act as a career because my parents were more interested in Law; they encouraged me to study Law and paid my tuition fees. I was quite young; I didn’t really know what I wanted out of life and when I had the opportunity to pursue acting, I did.

BON: Who are those you have worked with in Nollywood Industry?

DAMI ALABI: The first film I did in 2008, Rescue Me…

BON: You said earlier, your first film was Rubicon?

DAMI ALABI: The first film I produced is Rubicon and the first film I acted in is Rescue me in 2008 where I acted with Clem Ohameze, Stephanie Okereke… Over the years have worked with quite a few people in the Industry, Moyo Lawal, O.C Ukeje, Wole Ojo, Odunlade..OC-Okeje-Dami-Ann-Alabi
BON: Who are those you wish to work with in the Industry that you have not worked with?

DAMI ALABI: There are still quite a lot of people that have not worked with. Obviously, the people I watched while I was growing up, Omotola Jolade, Genevieve Nnaji, and Ramsey Noah… I will really like to work with them.

BON: Who do you look up to as a model in the industry?

DAMI ALABI: Quite a few, I really like Omotola, Rita Dominic… they are really great actresses.

BON: How much experience do you have in the field of acting?

DAMI ALABI: Well… I can say am quite experienced what now. I started with acting, I know what happens on a movie set and I went further into producing… right now I pretty much know what it takes to make a film.

BON: Do you work interchangeably, since you are an actress and a film maker?

DAMI ALABI: errrrmmm, like the films that have produced, I acted in them. I can do both and I enjoy both. I can’t give one up for the other (laughs)…

BON: What are your standards in the movie Industry?

DAMI ALABI: One should keep his or her standards high, be professional in all you do, give in your 100%.

BON: What are the challenges you face?

DAMI ALABI: If you meet the wrong people, you spend time running and chasing but if you meet the right people who can help and use their experience to assist you and gain from each other, sometimes you meet the wrong people and they lead you astray.

BON: In the movie industry, actresses see their selves as a competition, what’s your take on that?

DAMI ALABI: I don’t believe in that, there are so many actors and actresses; you cannot be the only one in the Industry, I don’t see any need seeing each other as a competition. If you are good at what you do, you will surely be at the top.download (1)
BON: The sex-for role as a criterion to get movie roles, do you think it still exists?

DAMI ALABI: Yeah, it exists. I think it’s always going to exist, it doesn’t just happen in Nollywood, it happens in Hollywood, it happens in other industry even in the bank, church (laughs)…some producers will say you have to pay the dues and your dues is not hard work, you have to have intercourse.

BON: Have you experienced something like that?

DAMI ALABI: Yes, have been approached, but I stood my ground, I didn’t give in. I said No, this is not the route I want to go.

BON: Is there any project you are working on?

ALABI: Yes, I am working on a series…

BON: Can you tell us briefly about the series?

DAMI ALABI: (laughs) …the series (laughs) I can’t disclose anything about the series (laughs)

BON: Have you ever been criticized either as an actress, producer or a filmmaker?

DAMI ALABI: Yes, I get criticized…it’s a journey, you learn every day and for me it’s all about experience, I still get some Directors saying; oh! It could be better if you do this. So i take all the corrections on board. I believe no one is perfect; there is a room for improvement.

BON: Has the correction and criticisms helped you?

DAMI ALABI: Yes, they have helped in several ways.

BON: What’s your view on the lifestyle of actors, directors and producers in the movie Industry?

DAMI ALABI: (laughs) everyone has a life to live, I don’t judge people because I don’t like being judged.

BON: So, how do you see the movie industry?

DAMI ALABI: Nollywood is in a better state now, people are making better films, better quality films, and more money is being used to produce film…GG
BON: How many films have you acted?

DAMI ALABI: Have only produced two movies and have acted in several other films: Dilemma. Rubicon, Orikan, What a mess, what a shame…you can see them on you tube.

BON: You act both English and Yoruba films, which do you prefer?

DAMI ALABI: (laughs) I prefer the English movies only because in a Yoruba movie, everything has to be said in Yoruba language, you have to powe (proverbs), (laughs)… and am not really good at that, but to me my Yoruba is good and am improving.

BON: How do you handle fame?

DAMI ALABI: errrmm, it’s being fine, have not really had a crazy experience. Ask me that in a year or two, I will have a better response


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