Weight issues have made me lose some roles- Jackie Idimogu

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Nollywood youngest movie producer who is also a 400Level student of Sociology at the Lagos state University, Jackie Idimogu. She has come a long way in the Industry,the beautiful actress is a nominee in the category for Best Kiss in a Movie in the 2014 Best of Nollywood Awards.She took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Bola Ifabanwo about her career and how it has being easy since she doesn’t have any commitment. Enjoy it!

IMG_20140509_001633BON: As we have it so far, you are the youngest Nollywood movie producer, how has it been so far?

JACKIE: Well it’s been wonderful but at the same time; very time consuming and stressful, being that am new in this field, I really don’t know a lot and I don’t want to say I dabbled into something that I don’t know, I have someone to guide me; Desmond Elliot. I worked with him on my project ‘ONE LAST WORD’. It’s a process and I am learning and I hope to be one of the best producers in Nigeria.

BON: On ONE LAST WORD, what are the views you got on it?

JACKIE: It’s not yet been seen but it’s a wonderful story line.

BON: When is the premiere of ‘ONE LAST WORD’?

JACKIE: ONE LAST WORD is not a cinema movie; I don’t want to do a cinema movie yet.

BON: Can you briefly tell us about your background?

JACKIE: I am Jackie Idimogu, from Owerri, Imo state. I’m a Christian, Catholic background. I was born and bred in Lagos, I am the fifth child from a family of six (3boys and 3girls).

BON: How many movies have you produced?

JACKIE: I’m still on ‘ONE LAST WORD’, which is not yet out.

BON: How much experience do you have?

JACKIE: I know better now, because on the set of ONE LAST WORD, I was the producer, handling logistics and some other things. I have gained a little experience.

BON: What are your standards in the movie industry?

JACKIE: I like quality things, anything worth doing is worth doing well. When it comes to standards, it has to be quality. Quality movies people will watch and appreciate.

BON: Can you mention some top actors you have worked with?

JACKIE: I have worked with Desmond Elliot as a co-star and director, veteran actor Eucharia, Majid Michael, Uti Nwachukwu, Yul Edochie,Belinda Effa, Uru Eke…PSX_20140419_031052

BON: Asides ONE LAST WORD, what other project are you working on?

JACKIE: For now, I am not working on any project, my movie ONE LAST WORD is yet to be released but I am seeing to the promotions and advertisement.

BON: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

JACKIE: Other than producing and acting, I am a 400Level student of Sociology at the Lagos state University. So I am juggling between acting and studies.

BON: How has it been so far?

JACKIE: Oh! It’s crazy because sometimes I have to write exams, sometimes I am on set and after set I have to rush down to school. It’s been hectic but we have been surviving.

BON: So you attend lectures regularly?

JACKIE: Of course I attend lectures; I write exams and read for exams. I read at night, sometimes I have script and books to read. So I juggle in between.
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BON: Nollywood is a big Industry but we have issues of actress seeing themselves as competitions, what is your take on that?

JACKIE: Seriously, I don’t see anybody as my competition but truth be told, it’s a highly competitive Industry where everybody wants to be better than the other. Everybody has different quality things to deliver, if you know your distinctions and can market it so well, and then there is no problem about the competition.

BON: The sex-for-role as a criterion to get movie roles, do you think it still exist in the Industry?

JACKIE: errm ,I can’t say because have not witnessed it but people always believe that you have to sleep with someone to get a role. I got my first movie role, lead role without knowing who the director is; he just saw me and believed in. I would never tell any young girl to sleep with someone to get a role. The movie industry is no longer like that but it may be in some places but the industry is not based on that.

BON: How do you feel about your recent nomination of BON’S AWARDS 2014, in the category of Best Kiss in a movie?

JACKIE: Best kiss (laughs)… I was excited and surprise because I didn’t expect it but I was happy I was nominated, means I really did well.

BON: Have you gotten any criticism on it?

JACKIE: No, so far I haven’t been criticized on the nomination, the only criticism I have gotten is my weight issue because I used to be a bit slimmer but I added weight and directors have been complaining.

BON: So, weight issues have made you lose some roles?

JACKIE: Yes, truth be told. Weight issues have made me lose some roles because sometimes I don’t look my age. It hurts when I get turned down, funny enough I am not that big but I used to be a bit slimmer and now I have added a few pounds.

BON: So you are working on losing some weights?

JACKIE: Of course (laughs)…my career is relying on it and I have to work on it seriously.

BON: Can you compare Nollywood old movies to the ones produced nowadays?

JACKIE: No, you can’t compare. It’s gotten a lot better; Nollywood has done more quality films. Its better and it’s going to keep getting better. With people like us producing, it will keep getting better.

BON: What’s your view on the lifestyle of actors, actress and producers in Nollywood Industry?

JACKIE: We are hard workers, we work really hard and one thing about the entertainment industry is, there are no weekends, holidays. Except if you decide to take a vacation. The night life is a necessity; you almost cannot do without the night life in the Industry.

BON: Since, there are no holidays, how do you combine work, school and family?

JACKIE: It’s easier now, since I don’t have any commitment, no marriage or children. I dedicate all my time to my career for now.

BON: You don’t have any commitment, you not in any relationship?

JACKIE: No (laughs)… I am not in a relationship

BON: Who is your ideal model?

JACKIE: My ideal model in Nollywood will be Genevieve Nnaji, I respect her a lot and her personality is strong, I like her a lot.

BON: So you are looking forward to work with her?

JACKIE: Yes, I was supposed to work with her in my movie, a script before ONE LAST WORD, (cuts)… but she was too expensive, so I had to change the script and I used Majid.

BON: And to those who want to be like JACKIE IDIMOGU, what do you have to tell them?

JACKIE: Hmmmmmm, people who look up to me as a models, it’s hard to be a model figure but I know I’ll definitely set good examples and everybody should believe in their self and God. I am a living example that there’s nothing you want to achieve that you cannot achieve and you don’t have to go through any short cut, be focused and you will achieve whatever you want to achieve.

BON: Are you among those actresses that have a touching tale on how they got into the industry?

JACKIE: No, I don’t have a touching tale. I went straight from the grass root. No godfather, no godmother.

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  1. chioma

    February 7, 2015 at 12:27 PM

    Jacqline is 26 yrs nt any 22,she went 2 C nd S @ Sanya nd loved @ solo-ogun,went to our lady of fatima around Nepa in aguda.y she dey lie abt age?she graduated frm secondary skool in 2006 nd will a 22yrs old do dat.Abeg stop 2 dey lie Nne

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