Fans fight over Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji Marriage story.

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On Monday 8th Sept, 2014, we published a story on Nollywood actor, Damola Olatunji who is married to Mrs Raliat Abiodun-Olatunji but expecting a baby from Nollywood actress, Bukky Awoyemi known for her lead role in ‘Arugba’.Ladun liadi republished the story on her blog, here are some reactions from fans on the story:

Mz Bombshell:No wonder! of late i notice damola is always acting alongside bukky, even when she fits the role or not, i knew something was fishy bout those two.. though i never knew he was married. haba i can feel d wife pains, nd his yeye parents too talking trash if it is their own daughter dat is treated dis way i wonder hw dey will feel.. but bukky i want u to remember KARMA it always dere at d end of d day.. dear wife pls tak it easy i knw it nt gonna b easy but get hold of ur life nd move on .. stop been sad nd fustrated it wont help, i will advise u to tush up nd mak damola see wat he his missing.

Anonymous:I guess the lady is a star freak who got married to damola on a we’d at the registry and travelled back to the UK two days after with promises of returning few months to settle with him .she and her parents came back with a story asking damola to stay for another 3 years before they start a proper family life….nw who is punishing who…I knw damola very well as well as Rally as against the Damilola in ur story ladun….pls ask me for more true stories about them

Anonymous:Wow. i confirm this story, Ladun my house is on same street with bukky in magodo. , she drives a lexus jeep and damola drives a red car with the plate number “ANIKE”. no wonder i see him there always, he drives her car most times and she hardly go out too. i thought bukky is the “wife” cos he is always in her house. Men re wicked, never knew he is married though, i feel for his wife cos im a wife and mother too . sorry to say the bukky girl has always come off as a bitch to me even her dress sense in the estate. God punish this damola guy and all men who cheat on faithful and dedicated women. He is such a stupid young man with a bad family too, i can relate to the kind of in laws the wife has, i suffer same fate from mine. If not for prayer things would have gone really bad , but i stand by the God i serve and i dont joke with my prayer. besides, you cant compete with a woman a man cannot do without. my advise to damola’s wife; if you can forgive him pls do and hold your man and if you can’t let go and move on. Dont be unhappy because of some guy who can’t keep his pants up or know your worth. Men who cheat deserve to rot in hell.

Anonymous:Haaa! Damola where are u, please stop being gentlemanly by not talking before this girl destroys u before those that love and respect u. As for those judging already before hearing the other pary’s side of story, Yoruba adage says; agbo ejo enikan da, agba osika ni. I’m very close to Damola and I know major part of the story. Damola should be one of d guy’s refered to as married but living single… this guy went for an introduction last year cos he wanted to stay responsible to keep other gurls away and due to d nature of his job. But alas! as his paddy, this dude returns from location, comes bck n cook in d kitchen, stays alone, this guy is very lonely and we his pals know n pity him. We advice him to tell her to come home, he said their plan b4 the marriage was for her to relocate after the marriage.but at the end he realised she made them do the registry thingy cos she wanted to manipulate him to come and stay permanently in the UK.Damola that I knw will never leave Acting for Uk. Damola is so secretive n protective, and will never want to discuss his wife with anyone and that is why all went this bad… he would always paint her good b4 all. One day I caught him ccrying his eyes out and so i forced words out of him, he came out to say, his wife’s parents want her to stay extra 3 years for her education, and in those 3 years she can’t have babies, he suggested she should come have her education in Naija but her father swore to place a curse on any one that tries to sponsor her for an education in Nigeria, cos all he wants is a British education for his kids… a lot of troubles in the life of a celebrity, they refuse to voice out cos of their status, while they cry secretly in their homes, I need to stop… cos incase he comes across this he wld discover its me being his pal. I pray GOD fights for him.

Jasmine:You must be a fool for this comment. Is that the reason he started shagging another woman and moved into her flat in magodo while still married to his wife??? If his marriage was so bad why didn’t he ask for a divorce before moving on? This is clearly damage control on your part but it aint working. The guy is a confirmed GIGOLO. The Bukky witch he moved on with is a confirmed ashana. How can she afford a flat in magodo and drive a lexus jeep off the misely salary these actresses make? Its obvious she was doing aristo moves. Now she has found young guy and wants to die there. I know neither of the parties involved but your explanation just got on my nerves. His wife refused to come back so he started another full blown affair while still being married to his wife. If you don’t see anything wrong with this then you have a questionable moral character along with the Damola himself. What I really want to do is call you a “certified moron” but I will refrain from doing so

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