Yomi Fabiyi floats new organisation weeks after dumping ambassadors

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Looking at the spate of damage in the movie industry and the fact that the industry is on a life support owing from effect of piracy, lack of regulatory body and so on, there is therefore the need to synergize with like minds and foster ideas, visitations, pressures, talks, meetings, seminars and moves to SAVE THE NIGERIAN MOVIE INDUSTRY.

The industry is the PRO for Nigeria, it has a lot of PR job to do for our dear nation, why would anyone look at it fade away. It is with humility we call on all and sundry to make this project their primary concern, they should focus less on the person carrying the idea but believe strongly in the basics of the idea and the SINCERITY OF PURPOSE. To this end, 30 top celebrities, actors and film makers across divers group with likeminds or superior vision will be picked as VANGUARDS. These set of film makers must have believed in the dream and choose not to look down on each other. The VANGUARDS of the #SAVENIGERIANMOVIEINDUSTRY initiative will sponsor bills at both state and national assemblies, visit Aso Rock, visit State Houses, Bank MD’s, Police IG and Commissioners, ministers, Legislators, Nationalists, Political parties as well as all stake holders of the movie industry. Everybody has a role to play. We will organise public hearing and so on.

The problems facing the industry is now so large and too obvious, even a toddler can notice. We wear the shoes and enough of shifting blame especially to the government. The VANGUARDS along with team of consultants will visit each offices and personality with white paper of how they can play their part. A Vanguard can be a member of any movie association or can be independent. We implore all actors to embrace this noble cause and support in their little way. Our day to day activities, videos, newsletters and pictures will be available on our website. Saving the movie industry! Saving a nation! Many thanks.

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