Location pics of the movie ‘Growing old’

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Interview with one of the cast of the movie, Joseph Benjamin. Read below…

BON:You are on the movie set for which film?

JOSEPH:Growing old

BON:What is the film about?

JOSEPH:It’s set in the back drop of aristocratic Nigerian kind of family that have got their own regular family issues you know,it’s a family that is full of love but yet there is still so much chaos personal life has a lot of drama,its like it’s a puppetry, in which every body brings his edition to make a good fragrance like every body its about a father who has got kids who are basically engaged in various other things somewhat supportive to who he is and its just a beautiful story of a family

BON:What role are you playing?

JOSEPH: Am one of the sons of the house and coincidentally a politician so my life is basically work and cater for the family and am almost never there because work totally engages me

BON:There are no challenges since you are used to this kind of role

JOSEPH: I wouldn’t say like I always talk to so many people,every job comes with its own unique challenge and challenge is an interpretation of character because if you rest in your halls and say am used to this fine you will not be able to deliver so you don’t have to interpret your character very well every other thing is different so I would say in that regard the challenge is for me to interpret my character and of course give out the required emotions that I need to give out at any point.













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