I am not married or engaged to anyone- Ronke Odusanya

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Nollywood actress debunks marriage rumours, it’s been on news that the actress secretly wedded a US based businessman, Femi Anibaba. Another woman named Folake Sokoya claims she’s the wife of Femi Anibaba and they are married with three children. Bola Ifabanwo had an exclusive interview with the actress, and she opened up about the situation. Read below…

BON: Most people know you as Flakky Ididowo, what brought about the name?

RONKE ODUSANYA: There was a movie titled Flakky Ididowo itself produced by my sister Fathia Balogun, which I was opportuned to be the lead actress, that was what brought about the name Flakky Ididowo.

BON: When did you start acting as a career?

RONKE ODUSANYA: I started with my boss Oga Bello In year 2000, there was a group called Awade Kereikeri Organization then, it was managed by Oga Bello, Iya Awero and Aluwe(Sunday Omobolanle)…

BON: How has acting being for you so far?

RONKE ODUSANYA: Well… God has really helped and blessed me, he has shown me mercy, I am nobody and still nobody but God has brought me so far

BON: We have lots of females doing well in the movie industry, what’s your take on those who see themselves as competitions?

RONKE ODUSANYA: Well, I am not part of those team or crew you call those who see themselves as competitions, I am not competing with anyone, I just do my own thing my own way. Now that you know me, you would have seen a little about me, I don’t like to live a very elaborate life, I’m a quiet and private person and I try to keep it low because I always remember my background, so I don’t like to live an elaborate life that I cannot manage.

BON: We’ve seen you act different characters in different films, like a tout, a married woman, what are the challenges playing these roles?

RONKE ODUSANYA: Every day you get new challenges, sometimes they tell you; you just going to be a married woman and when you get into the act itself, you discover that there are some things you have never experienced in a movie set hat you experience on that movie set. At the end, you realize, you doing something different from what you have been doing but the thing is the show must always continue, you must blend into it, that’s what we call an actor.

BON: Who is Ronke Odusanya, is she really the troublesome type like in some roles we see her act?

RONKE ODUSANYA: (laughs) well, the Ronke Odusanya that I am is the very quiet, am not saying I don’t talk;if I mean quiet, I like to always keep it low even though am a known person, it really can’t be low. Even when I don’t expose my life, people will dig into it and expose it.

BON: You are a beautiful actress with a good shape, how do you deal with male admirers?

RONKE ODUSANYA: Anytime I come across a male admirer, I always appreciate them for liking me. It’s always a blessing and I always thank God for seeing me like that.

BON: Some time ago, you were linked to Fuji Musician Pasuma Wonder with news that went viral that he wanted to marry you, how true is this?

RONKE ODUSANYA: Well, it’s true, Jibola and I dated and he’s a very wonderful person, I will not take that away from him, I am not shy to say it. The rumour about us getting married, I don’t know anything about it.
with engagement ring
BON: Are you engaged?

RONKE ODUSANYA: I am not married or engaged to anyone.

BON: It’s on news that a very close friend of yours disclosed that you secretly wedded, how true is that?

RONKE ODUSANYA: I usually don’t grant interviews but I decided to do this because I am pissed, If you say Ronke is getting married to this person and you don’t hear anything about the marriage and then again you hear she’s getting married or engaged to another person, what about when I am ready to do the real thing? When you keep saying the wolf is here and the wolf is really not there, what about when the wolf is, people won’t believe. I really don’t appreciate it and as for the close friend who they said disclosed that I secretly wedded a US based businessman, why didn’t he or she come out to confirm it, there are no pictures to show that I am truly engaged or married.

BON: There is a picture online where you wore a ring?

RONKE ODUSANYA: That’s very true, I was wearing a ring. A media practitioner saw me at a launch and she asked if I was engaged, I said yes because I was wearing an engagement ring but I do this because when I go out, a lot of people are attracted to you and they say things like; oh! You are still single, obviously you are not married, so I wear ring to events, so that some male admirers will just get not interested on seeing the ring or assume that I am engaged.
linked wit femi anibaba
BON: Are you in a serious relationship with someone that you wear engagement ring so male admirers can keep off?

RONKE ODUSANYA: (laughs) I just want it to be like that for now. The fact that my picture is online and am linked with the guy, I do know the guy and we have dated but he’s my friend. I am not condemning anybody about the writing, marriage is a good thing but I would like them to consult me first before publishing a story about me, you go ahead and write a story about me getting engaged to someone then again there’s another story of getting married to another man, making 2guys in 2years and my fans and well-wishers see all this and get pissed., they start wondering if am really serious and if I really know what I want. I don’t know who gave them the month December, my mother and father didn’t tell anyone I was going to get married December. I would like and appreciate my fans, well-wishers and loved ones to please always confirm from me and if it’s not from me, they should disregard it. If I want to do anything, it will be at my pace and when I am ready to get married, I promise to grant an interview to let my fans and my well wishers know.
BON: You have being sighted in different events, do you reallronkey like to party?

RONKE ODUSANYA: (laughs) my colleagues and my close associates know that I am really not a party person, it’s as bad as them not calling me at all for their event because they know I won’t attend even if I buy the fabric but now I am responding to people a lot and I promise to keep responding to them because they have shown love to me. I called them for my church’s anniversary last year and a year before and they showed up despite the fact that I am a poor person turning up at an event.

BON: What’s your definition of style because I have personally seen you at Adekola Tijani’s movie premiere of Adigun r’elu oyinbo and you looked really good?

RONKE ODUSANYA: Thank you (laughs) let me say I am an old fashioned person; the only thing I like to wear is native attire. I feel comfortable in it but I really don’t have a choice sometimes, some characters that I play in some movies will warrant me wearing clothes that cling to the skin which I don’t really like because it reveals all.


  1. Anonymous

    October 9, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    Uhmmmmm……This is Super Story!!!

  2. Anonymous

    October 9, 2014 at 3:54 PM

    Welldone BON….Una do well wit this gist!

  3. igwe

    October 9, 2014 at 4:19 PM

    See me I go talk my own. Flakky abeg if u dey wit d man true true, see as d noise dey on top ur head, abeg lv d man.
    Folake u sef ur own don too much, calm ur nerves down
    Femi, d man no kuku fine. Mayb hm get money sha. Abeg make I concentrate for my stall.
    Na so so hot gist ds seun go dey bring
    Sips lipton

  4. kemi

    October 9, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    Bt d actress shud av cum out immediately to address d issue
    Nw dat d man’s wife has embarassed here,here and dre,she’s na panicking
    Mehn!!! U are in a big mess.

  5. Mr Johnson

    October 9, 2014 at 4:35 PM

    Next pls. Wetin concern us.

  6. LadyB

    October 9, 2014 at 4:42 PM

    She’s jus saying dffrnt tins to protect hersef. All ds actress dey r nt pure.mtchew. Cos of money. U better learn.

  7. Poshbeadsandankarabag

    October 9, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    I really like Ronke’s way of life but this rumour abt her is gonna affect her and her career. Sm fans are already hurling words at her. Pls actresses dnt gic ursef to pressure and material tins, pls and pls. Lastwk,t was all about Ini Edo, nw Ronke is another issue like dat.nt even actresses, entertainers shud take note.stop goin after men bcos of money.I dnt blame them tho,it’s cos they live a competitive life.in. D interview,she said she’s nt part of the team. B careful madam!

  8. lie detector

    October 9, 2014 at 10:27 PM

    WiT wat she told sdk and bon,it’s obvious she’s lying.

  9. poshbeadsandankarabag

    October 9, 2014 at 10:32 PM

    Lie detector.I hear

  10. sisi bisi

    October 10, 2014 at 9:10 AM

    Hmmm.oro pesi je

  11. queenbey

    October 10, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    ds lie detector shud bettter move aside let elders address d issue *clears throat* as d matter take b’make e for no cause wahala. as elder in settling issues on all blogs *clears throat*
    ELDER QUEEN BEY…To b sincere i love ronke’s way of life bt ds mess dat she’s in , it’s really embarrassing, no lies, she’s dating d man but ronke y, must u b like ur colleagues dat date married men to squander dere money. u think dey r fools, callin dem maga.

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