Femi Jacobs weds Bayray Mcnwizu in Shuga New Video (see Pics)

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Bayray, Femi Jacobs, Tee-A, MC Abbey, Princess shine at Shuga’s video shoot

Behind the scene of Married Today with Tee-A, Femi Jacobs, Bayray, MC Abbey and others

It was collage of stars, wedding vendors and beautiful people recently when Shuga of Shuga Band shot the video for his popular wedding song, Married Today.

The elaborate real-wedding-like video which was shot by Filmboiz starred notable Nollywood sweetheart, Femi Jacobs and Bayray Mcnwizu in a mocked wedding with Tee-A playing the role of MC. MC Abbey and Princess were part of the guests.

Married Today is a new wedding song that has gained huge popularity within a short time. It’s a classic-like feel good song produced by reputable K-solo.

The Vice President of 800 Records under which Shuga is signed said the descriptive nature of the song inform the elaborate set of the song, ‘the song, Married Today is a descriptive song hence the need to have a colourful video with a proper wedding of sort. The director is creative and has proven himself with Waje’s video. He came up with creative ideas and they meet with our own ambitious desire for the song so what we have is synergy of sort’

Femi Jacobs and Bayray Mcnwizu got ‘married’ in the video, (that will be the second make-believe marriage of the two) while the following vendors provided ample support for the shoot, Social Place provided the venue and decor, Bonix provided drinks, Astoria provided the food, Bobo’s Clothing provided Grooms costume, Abeke Makeovers did the bride’s make-up, Red 14 provided security, Soundpro provided the sound, Zapphaire provided ushers while EJ Treasures provided the cake.

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