Dele Odule speaks about his lovelife andLawyer wife of 25years

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This is what he told Punch about his lovelife

How do you cope with your female fans?

I cope with them; they are the salt of life. They support us a lot. Even if you go to church, you find that women make up the large number of the congregation. So if the pastor cannot cope, the church will go into oblivion. Same thing applies to the industry. If the pastor fails to identify with the women, I can bet you that the church will not get to the level he wants. So there is no way an actor can run away from the same philosophy. So you can’t just rubbish women. But when it comes to how I cope, I cope effectively. I’m mature. When I was younger, youthful exuberance would have been there but now I’m getting old, so I cope. It’s all about stages. Now I’m above 50 so definitely, it’s different from the way I’ve been behaving. I know how to handle both sexes.

We hear that your female fans are so much in love with you that some of them just want to have children for you. Is that true?

That is not true. They are in love with others, so it’s not me alone. I have over 1000 female fans and admirers and I don’t have up to 1000 children. How come people are now saying that my female fans want to bear me children? I don’t even have 100 children, so one-tenth of them don’t even have children for me. But because we are public figures, there are a lot of things that we pay for. They are prices we pay for stardom. You have just met my wife. She’s a lawyer with about 15 years experience and we have been together for 25 years but not too many people actually know that. Not many people also know that I’m a graduate of mass communication. I got it recently. I also have a diploma in Theatre Arts from UI. It’s just purely a result of my passion for education and that has enhanced my academic pursuit. When I started relationship with my wife, she was just a school certificate holder, but today, she is the Chief Public Defender with the Department of Citizens’ Rights, Ogun State Ministry of Justice. My passion for education has earned me that and I had my fifth child in the university. Anytime I have the opportunity, I go back to school to update my knowledge. I’m running my Master’s degree programme already.

You may not have 100 children but we hear you have about 10 children from different women.

That is not peculiar to an actor alone. Muslims do have a lot of children. Former Head of State, late (Sani) Abacha, had many children and he was not an actor. MKO Abiola also had (many children). Sunny Ade (musician) also. The Bible says ‘stone that person to death, provided you have not also sinned.’ That is to say we all have one skeleton or the other in our cupboards. It’s just because I’m a public figure that people are privileged to know about my life and my privacy.

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