Tunde kelani cheated me on Ti Oluwanile Baba Wande

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This is what Baba wande told Punch’s Demola olumila

So, you have been cheated in this profession?

Yes. For instance, I once gave a marketer some of my works to sell for me and he cheated me. I took the case to court but after some time, I got tired of attending courts, so I let it go. The popular film, Ti Oluwa ni ile was the work of two of us but it is only one person that is selling it today.

But why did you not drag him to court?

It would mean going to court every day, how many years would I spend on earth when I spend most of my time in court? Let God be the judge.

How did you come up with the concept of the movie?

Tunde Kilani, a producer, director and cameraman is my friend and he asked me to come up with a story we could jointly develop and I wrote the story. He too contributed a lot and that was how the film came to be. Nobody could have envisaged the story would grow into a big film like that anyway.

What is your relationship with Tunde Kilani right now?

He is still a friend even though he is selling the movie and I am not getting my entitlement. Even when I needed the film, I had to buy it from him.

Why didn’t you sign a legal document before going into such a joint venture?

Then we would not have any film if there was an agreement to be signed because I had a story and he had the money. If I brought up any legal issue, we would not do the film because he would think I was being too smart.

You still call him your friend after this?

When I wanted to celebrate my 50 years on stage, I went to meet him and he gave me N50,000. He is still my very good friend and if he has a production, he normally invites me. Although occasionally, I ask him about my entitlement because he is the only one that is selling the movie and he tells me that he did not really make money from the film.

And you do not get hurt each time he tells you that?

I don’t let it bother me. The sad part is that I have many big stories but I cannot do a joint production with anybody again. I should have sourced for someone to jointly produce another big movie but I doubt they would want to do business with me because they know I am now wiser and I would involve lawyers this time.

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