Bukky Wright speaks on her Ambition to run for House of Reps

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Courtesy Vanguard

Last week, Potpourri served you brewing hot comments and mission statements from entertainers who are suspending the make-believe world to join the jostling world of politics.

But one important name was missing from the list and that name is none other than Bukky Wright, a woman many described as the shining light of Yoruba movies.

It was not an intentional omission but one that was circumstantial because at press time last week the beautiful thespian was yet to make her intent public.

Now that Bukky has joined the 2015 race there has been a bit of a buzz in and around Nollywood.

Every actor in both Yoruba and English sectors are trending her poster on social media as if they were expecting a tsunami of sort.

But Potpourri’s question is; why would a woman who has everything going for her dabble into the untamed waters of politics?

“My most cogent reason is the marginalization of women in Ogun politics. The governor and deputy are men, the three senators are men, and the nine House of Representative members are men as well.

It is a big slap on the faces of all women as it negates the United Nations 30% affirmative action and inclusion of all women in politics. My people have called me and the voice of the people is the voice of God, so it is important that I yield to their call”, she answered.

Adding: “Secondly is to participate in the law-making process to attain peace and security or peaceful coexistence and good governance.

For equal and effective representation for my people in my constituency not to be marginalised at the federal level and claim the constituency right for them at the federal level by being their voice.

Thirdly, is to engage in checkmating the activities of the executives through the MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) for the purpose of ensuring transparency and accountability.

Unlike most of her colleagues Bukky is not trying out her luck on popular platforms like APC or PDP, she’s putting all her hopes on Social Democratic Party, SDP, a new party initiated by former Governor Olusegun Osoba, after decamping from APC.

“ I chose SDP to pursue my political aspirations because I believe in the leadership of Aremo Olusegun Osoba. It’s the leadership of the people for the people. Judging from his track record, Akinrogun is a man of his words, an elder that feels the pain of both the old and young people of Ogun state and he’s also a man of equality and democracy” she quipped

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