First Cut to hit Cinemas

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Come January, First Cut, an emotionally charged movie, produced and directed by delectable actress, Lisa Omorodion will hit the cinemas across the nation.

First Cut is an educative, captivating and thrilling movie by Lisa Henry Omorodion, which delivers a theatrical blend of morals, fashion, education, information and professionalism in film-making and production. It was directed by Chico Ejiro.

The movie, ‘First Cut’ lines its plot with a collection of suspense, emotions, neglect, sex, insecurity, parenting, abuse, trauma and other psychological colours that throw the movie on the highway of creative suspense.

‘First Cut,’ narrates the story of KC Morgan as the central character, which is played by Lisa Henry Omorodion; a character with a talent respected by many yet suppressed by trauma.

The plot is however, thickens when the central character finds herself being oppressed by loved ones even as a painful secret threatens to shatter the new life she has created for herself.

This brings viewers to the point in the movie where the question surfaces: ‘Can she face her demons and let go of the past, which has hounded her for so long?’

First Cut is a movie that revolves around the theme of rape, a treacherous love-triangle and conflicting family ties.

Produced by Nollywood’s curvy actress, Lisa Henry Omorodion, the movie is directed by award-winning director; Chico Ejiro, with a stellar cast that boasts of prominent names within the Nigerian movie industry and beyond – some of whom include Monalisa Chinda, Joseph Benjamin and Bobby Obodo.

Omorodion’s movie was first shown to select few at the Eko Hotel and Suites where it was unveiled after which a final edit was made. The actress is taking her cinematic game a couple of notches higher by taking it to the cinema.

Born with a silver spoon, Omorodion has proven over and over again that her interest in movies, acting and now movie production are all fueled by her undying passion for the world of make-believe.

“Having come from a wealthy background has helped me in a way. I don’t have to source for fund before embarking on a film project. I am not in the industry because of what I’m going to make out of it. I can decide to star in a movie without demanding for a fee. I will tell the producer, I love to feature in your movie and you don’t have to pay me. I don’t see acting as a profession; rather, I’m seeing it as a hobby,” Omorodion enthused.
Speaking on the movie, celebrated actor, Joseph Benjamin said, Nollywood needs this kind of movie ’we all don’t need to talk about love and romance all the times. We need good movies like First Cut to give us reality check. There are many deeper things to talk about other than love, yes we need love but our whole lives isn’t just about love’.

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