Filmmaker Ralph Nwadike Endorses JAYKAY,States reasons Lagosians should reject Ambode

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We all love to call ourselves Lagosians. Most times, one has heard the other woman or the other man say, l am a Lagosian. But who truly is a Lagosian. By my own meaning or interpretation, a Lagosian is that man or woman, who was born in Lagos, or that person who does his/her business in Lagos, and lives in the beautiful city of Lagos. Well, you may not necessarily agree with me, but , this is my interpretation, and if you truly feel bad about this, go to your own page and express yourself. Does this last line sound harsh? Yes, it is meant to be so. I have close to 5000 friends on Facebook, and this coming elections in 2015 will determine if l will continue to have that large a number of friends, or if the number will be reduced. The constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria gives me that right to speak and also voice my opinion on any matter whatsoever under the sun; hence today l wish to deliberate on the Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party for Lagos Sate Jimi Agbaje.

While l will not confuse myself about knowing the person Jimi Agbaje, more than the next man on the street have a knowledge about the Governorship aspirant, l want to write about the reason he should be voted for , rather than the Governorship contestant for APC Mr Ambode.

First, let me tell you a little about my own share of Lagos State: Over fifty years ago, l was born at the prestigious Island Maternity Hospital in Lagos, l did my primary, secondary and A level classes in Lagos, That means most of my life, l have fraternized with the South West people, speak Yoruba Language like my parents were Yorubas, and most of the knowledge of our culture and the respects , or those older than you l was taught in Abule Nla, Apapa Road in Ebute Matta.

I grew up in a religious culturally friendly compound, where there is a mosque, a church, and a shrine for masquerades within the same environment.A little Nigeria if you like, as we were from every part of the country.One thing unifying all of us however in that compound was peace and love for one another. A factor that made everyone your mother, father uncle or your aunty. It was a compound where we all were rich. There was no godfather, or the richest person amongst the lot.

Today however, one person holds the jugular of our Lagos in a situation which leaves every one of us wondering, how did he get there. Remember, during the days of Abacha, and the equally stubborn group NADECO, one man was a chieftain of that group, and millions in foreign exchange were made by this group from the supporters and donors from across the world. So, while the children of the poor, and equally paid supporters of NADECO were busy been killed on the street of Lagos and other volatile States in the country, some of this pro-democracy leaders were busy making DOLLARS, and l mean millions of it.

Little wonder then that ordinary Nigerians made overnight riches in the guise of fighting General Abacha. Some of those emergency politicians then have have today become chieftains of some of todays political parties, yet making millions from our commonwealth, and all pretending they love Nigeria more than all of us.

Before l forget the reason for writing this piece, l believe it’s time we give Lagos back to Lagosians, and put our collective wealth as a state in the hands of al, than in the hands of one.

Governor Fashola is seen as a good man, but there is very little a man can do when he is under a task master. Unfortunately, Ambode may be truly over the moon at this time for picking the Governorship ticket of APC and becoming famous overnight from a literally an unknown personality to becoming a Governorship Contestant. He is simply in the garden planting another harvest for the master; but this time, Lagosians have collectively decided that no longer shall we sit down and allow the soul of our Lagos under one man. From the lands to the seas and the air , including the underground resources are been controlled by this Lord of Bordillon.

There are lots of unfinished projects scattered across the state, but what do you expect when almost half of the states resources goes into individual hand. While not supporting the sitting Governor’s lame duck approach to things, couldn’t it have been better if he had cried out, and got punished now by the task master rather than wait for a future chastisement, which truly cannot be forgiven by the people. Presently, our sitting Governor is exiting power without any clear preparation on how he will progress politically in future, yet he had served the state meritoriously for almost eight years now.

The question now is are we going to allow this Nero continue to plunder our resources unchecked? Does our state belong to one man rather than all of us? If the answer to the first question is NO, and the second question answer is ALL OF US, then you and l have the collective responsibility of rescuing the state with our votes, and at this time, the man best suited for that position that can give us a semblance of sanity in Lagos is Jimi Agbaje.

So, don’t be fooled by anyone telling you that LAGOS belongs to any section of the Nigerian race or tribe, we are all Lagosians, and the progress or lack of it falls on our laps. Jimi Agbaje gives us a better option of not being allowed to be Governed by an administrator, so vote wisely and lets make Lagos truly great under JIMI AGBAJE. Merry Christmas everyone.

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