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Fair-skinned actress Pascaline Alex is definitely one of the notable faces to look out for in the Nigerian movie industry in the coming years. She has appeared in a couple of movies including College Girls, Bleeding Tree, and Educated Housemaids, to name a few. Just this year alone, she has featured in over ten movies. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her career, movies and more:

Pascaline-Alex-1-copyAre you working on any movie now?

Yes, I’m working on a new movie, a very huge one

What is it about?

It’s about a security agent who was fighting for the citizens and I got paralysed. I (as the SSS agent) was working for the country and they shot me and paralyzed me so I had to be on a wheelchair. It’s a huge one, I won’t say it’s challenging because all roles I play are very challenging. It’s a wonderful one so you people should be expecting it soon

Who is in the movie?

Mike Ezuronye, Emmanuel Ehumadu aka Totolus and so many others

What has been your most successful movie so far?

I think all my movies are successful because anywhere I put my face is success. I would say College Girls, Secondary School Girls, Educated Housemaids, and Bleeding Tree, that one was a huge plus for me

Which movie shot you into limelight?

The movie that brought me out is College Girls. I did it in Ghana. I worked with Martha Ankomah, Kalsoume Sinare, Christabel Ekeh and so many others; the producer was Uche Mbunabo.

The movie is a wonderful one. I played a lesbian role but I’m not a lesbian. I think that because of how well I played the role; it was so good that people started saying that I was a lesbian even to the extent that people would see my picture and say “Ah, she’s a lesbian” as if they knew me. It’s just when you interpret a character so well that people forget it’s a movie and they take it into your private life. It was a wonderful movie

As an actress, what can’t you do in a movie?

I don’t think I’ve seen that thing that I can’t do as far as it’s what I love doing. Whatever they tell me to do and I know it’s okay with me, I will do it. Though nobody would force you to play any role you don’t want but I’ve not seen that role yet

What do you really enjoy about acting?

I enjoy everything about acting. When you’re on set, acting is like you’re in another world of your own; you’re coming to do this thing so everybody would see it, you’re doing it for the world. Acting is a wonderful thing if it’s in you and you work hard for it. Though sometimes some things could upset you but one the whole it’s largely fun.

How many movies have you done this year?

I can’t count but I think I’ve done like ten or eleven movies. I have a movie that is coming out soon, I played a girl that had acid attack, and name of the movie is No More Campus. I have some that just came out, Agege Bread Sellers, Educated Housemaids, and Ugomma Goes to School. There are also many others that are not out yet, I don’t even know their names.

Have you ever had a crush on any actor?

I love Majid, when I look at him, I see him as the African Al Pacino in Scarface and Godfather. When he finishes acting, I’ll go to my mirror and start to mimic his hand movements and all that. I respect him, I love his acting. I like Mike Ezuruonye too.

Did your lesbian role that brought you limelight entail seductive and sensual scenes?

Yes, actually when I read my script and I saw the lesbian stuff, I said okay, let me give it a try because I haven’t done anything like that in my career until that moment. When the director said action, I was straight into it, taking charge as the lesbian man. I psyched myself, by telling myself “I should be the man here, I have to show that I know how to do it”. When I was doing it the director was like “Ah, Pascaline!” Everybody was like wow, wonderful act, it’s so real. It was a wonderful thing and I just have to always do my best as an actress

How do you calm your nerves as an actress when you want to do something challenging in a movie?

When a producer calls me and says Pascaline Alex, I would like to work with you, I’d say okay send me a script let me see. Any morning I wake up before I go on set, I watch myself in a mirror and I’ll rehearse. I’ll do my acting thing, I’ll tell myself the truth, is this reaction good for me? I’ll do different types of reactions and when I come on set, I’ll meet the director and try to know what he likes and wants.

I train myself everyday in any character I’m about to do because it’s not just something you can just wake up and get into. You have to read about the act, you have to be into the character so that when people are watching the movie they’ll say “damn, she killed it”. You have to work hard, you have to investigate. I think that’s what actors do; you have to read about the character, you have to know how the character behaves.

Do you believe Nigerian culture limits our actors in expressing themselves before the cameras ?

Yes, it does so much. We, Nigerians criticise a lot. This is our career; I’ll call it a job now. It’s our career and it’s our job to make people happy, to make people cry, to make people angry, but our culture has made it so hard to do some things to get the job done. When it comes to going nude, they believe the girl is promiscuous, forgetting this thing we do is a job that must be done and that it is make-believe. It is not different from a banker trying to make their customers happy.

So many stars have been affected badly by this culture thing. Some wouldn’t even go on set to kiss, giving all sorts of reasons. People must understand that this is a make-believe job where you have to get into all sorts of characters to deliver a role and make people truly enjoy the movie and believe it’s real.

There was a movie I saw you in where you shaved your hair, You want to comment on that?

That was ‘No more widows’ with Ebube Nwagbo, Angela Okorie, Chita Agwu, and so many others. The movie was so on point and it was challenging because at a point when they were shaving my hair, the lady mistakenly scratched my head and blood started dripping. It’s just the price we pay in the industry

As a lady, what turns you on?

I think good life turns me on
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