Biola Adebayo(ENYIOKA) opens up My Marriage is Over

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Culled from Citypeople magazine
Can you talk about the stuff that made the year very though for you?
Different things, talking about jobs, most time the industry pissed you off because of the series of crisis rocking it day by day. We had financial crisis, piracy and what have you, people call you for jobs without any money to show for it, you just have to do it because it is something you have passion for. Personally, my relationship had some issues and all that but all the same, I have move o.
Can you tell us more on that?
Well, I had someone I was engaged with in 2012; we were not legally married, we were supposed to be married last year but all of a sudden, something happened and it couldn’t happen. He is such a great guy that every woman will like to pray to have. He is been very good things just didn’t work out because you as a guy, you want to get married to a lady and you just found out that the 2 of you share the same genotype, in this modern day? I am not saying that is the exact thing that happened to us but something similar, and because of that, we let go. We did engagement and people knew about it, so how do you expect me to tell them now that the relationship has crashed? I don’t want such stories and that was why I kept it to myself. Whatever that is not yours, you just have to let it go.
But a reporter had it that you had a secret wedding?
It wasn’t a secret wedding, we only got engaged and it wasn’t elaborate. There was nothing secret; all we wanted was something small; we didn’t want the celebrity kind of things. I don’t just like people making unnecessary noise about me.
You kept saying something happened, what is that thing that influenced the separation?
No, I am not ready to say the exact thing that happened, but something similar to the example I early gave. We separated without fighting or quarreling, we saw it and we tried to work things out but this couldn’t work out, we walked out of it quietly.
How have you been coping after the break up?
It’s been tough because he is the kind of man you will be probably build your world around and all of a sudden you guys just have to go your separate ways. I must confess, I am just trying to be myself, it is not easy. I don’t want people to see me as a failure, I don’t fail actually but it’s painful to leave your man for a certain reason, I have always been a quiet person. The parting was easier because we’ve not married legally.
For how long were you dating before the engagement?
We dated for two and half years and we got engaged two years ago.
And when did the relationship pack up?
We’ve been going back and forth since 2013 thinking on the next thing we can try to make it work but we found out that it couldn’t work out.

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