Jeta Amata says Black November has opened new doors for Nollywood

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So my film Black November has been critiqued by all the majors, New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, LA Weekly and everyone else. Some say terrible things, others hail the effort.

So this is the situation, for the first time a Nigerian film is being talked about by all the major critiques, is that a good thing or a bad thing? For me it’s a thing of pride that they would even take the time to watch the film and comment on it, no matter how bad what they say is because they only critique films that meet with a standard. When I was reading the critiques of some other films that got released on the same day with me, I couldn’t help but wonder at the onslaught.

Second, for the first time, a Nigerian film is in theaters in the US and in all the VOD platforms. I can actually walk into a theatre in the US to watch my film and see my name on the big screen, see the names of my costumier, make-up artist, local actors, all Nigerians who may not have travelled out of Nigeria before now. I can go on Direct TV or Time Warner Cable and see my film listed amongst all the other films in the world. Is that a bad thing or a positive move for Nollywood.

Now third, since the film came out less than a week ago, Mbong has been called in for castings by a major casting director in Hollywood and one in the UK. In less than a week. I have received an invitation to meet with some studio execs about my future projects. And lastly, from the numbers coming so far, the film is doing GOOD! A success for Black November is a success for Nollywood, for Africa, because we are the first privately funded African film that has made it to main stream market in the US. So I say, let’s celebrate and raise the glasses rather than thinking we haven’t achieved anything, COS WE HAVE. I am Nollywood, I am Nigeria, I am Africa! Who are you?

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