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FilmOne Distribution-Production set the ball of cinematic entertainment
rolling on last week when it premiered one of its
much-anticipated scheduled movies to grace the cinemas this year, a
British/Nigerian comedy, ‘Gone Too Far’ at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema,
Gone Too Far which is produced by Poisson Rouge Pictures and co-funded by the British Film Institute, starring O.C Ukeje, Adelayo Adedayo, Malachi Kirby, Bhasker Patel, Pooja Shah, Tosin Cole and directed by fast rising female British/Nigerian Director in the UK, Destiny Ekaragha.
gone too far
The movie tells the story of Ikudayisi (O.C Ukeje) who travels from
Nigeria wearing socks and sandals to meet his estranged brother, Yemi,
for the first time in Peckham. Yemi (raised in the UK) questions both his
judgment and his African heritage. O.C. Ukeje plays the comical role of a
typically crude African in the midst of ‘polished’ folks. A day on the
estate filled with danger, excitement, and romance, teaches them the
values of family, self-respect and makes Gone Too Far, a movie you can’t
afford to miss.

Gone Too Far as a product is truly a depiction of the attitude of so many
who have denounced their identity and basking in the superficiality of their assumed personality. With its dramatized plot of a super hilarious film, its funniness culminates into a mentality-altering ending.

OC who played unusual role from his usual lover boy roles said the movie reshaped his belief in his African root. According to the actor “this movie has helped shaped my own stance toward Africans and the African continent entirely. It really boosted my belief in myself as an African and taught me to stand up to who I am anywhere and anytime with every sense of originality” he said.

Gone Too Far which is showing in all cinema nationwide had impressive weekend showing with the numbers the distributors said was good enough.
According to Moses Babatope, the COO of Filmone Distributions, Gone Too Far has shown that a good movie can sell itself. “The figure we had over the weekend for Gone Too Far is impressive for a movie of that kind. I will implore you to watch it”.

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