Having my boobs kissed, caressed on set is minor to me — Adediwura Blackgold –

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Adediwura Adesegha is an ebony beauty who plies her trade mostly in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood. She’s a graduate of English from Lagos State University and has been acting since 2008. She started acting pretty early.

Her friends and fans call her the Blackgold but wh


at is most unique about her is her openness. Adediwura is so frank there isn’t a subject that has the ‘Stop’ sign to her. She spoke to Showtime Celebrity on her career, beliefs, love, sex and more.

Is it true that you need to produce your own movie in order to be known in the Yoruba movie industry?

When you produce your own movie, it gives you the opportunity to sell and promote yourself. The number of people coming into Nollywood right now makes it tough. One has to keep pushing oneself and think of something new that can be done.

Why are you called Blackgold?

That question is funny to me; you know why? In the movie industry, people do get some pet names for themselves for different reasons, some for the movies they acted or so.

When I couldn’t get a pet name from a movie I acted, I decided to get myself one which is ‘Blackgold’.Whenever I grant an interview and I am asked to tell them my name, I simply tell them Blackgold. There was a soap opera I featured in which I took on the role of ‘Iya Sidi’ and people started calling me ‘Iya Sidi’, but unfortunately I had already chosen ‘Blackgold’.

What is the meaning of Blarkgold?

My pet name BLARKGOLD is the combination of my complexion and my real name. I’m a black lady and I appreciate my dark complexion a great deal. Also, I believe the translation of my Yoruba name “Wura” which in English means ‘Gold’ is cherished. The name comes from combination of my colour and my name. Call me a ‘Blarkgold’.

Must you have a nick name before you can make a mark in the movie industry?

No, not really; It doesn’t have to be that way, but at times when you look at actors and the way the name of a role they once played defines their entire career, you just want to follow their footsteps by getting yourself one. Many call me ‘Adediwura’ and others simply call me ‘Blackgold’.

How spiritual are you?

Spirituality has nothing to do with your mode of dressing. It has to do with your heart. When you talk about being spiritual, let me just score myself fifty percent.

Are you the type that wakes up in the morning and pray?

My morning devotion is on zero level. I will rather sing. I find it difficult to pray and keep saying “Lord do this or that for me”. Singing is the way I pour my heart to God. Everybody doesn’t have to kneel down and pray. I might sit down and just look on a spot for a while and keep my thoughts connected to God. It depends on one’s way of connecting and your relationship with God.

Are you the kind that goes to church regularly?

I won’t say regularly because I might be on location on Sunday or might need to attend some family functions.

Why is it that the majority of Yoruba actresses seem to prefer celestial church?

You know people love it when they tell them they have visions about themselves. I think that may be the reason they attend Celestial church. I might be wrong though. You know the Yorubas believe in the power of the spiritual. Some actresses were born into the Celestial church while some joined.

What are the challenges you encountered while starting out?

It’s been an easy journey for me. I actually started out with the Evangelical Filmmakers Dramatic Association of Nigeria (EFDAN). While I was with them, we went from one church to another to act including the Redemption Camp. I had to withdraw from the group when I changed my environment and couldn’t meet up with their meetings. I was in my sister’s shop one day singing when a man walked in and said: “You know how to sing, I love your voice” and said: “Do you want to act?” I told him that I have been looking for the opportunity to do that. He said he is a marketer and has a role for someone who can sing very well because the movie has to do with music. I went for the rehearsals and got the role. I actually started with a lead role. I acted alongside Funsho Adeolu, Yomi Fash Lanso and Fathia Balogun. The movie is titled Afiwo. That was how the jobs started rolling in and I started getting known.

Were you criticised when you left the Christian arm of the movie industry?

Yes, I was criticised because some felt I let them down. As a Christian actor you are not supposed to wear earrings and all those stuff. I am here today and they are appreciating me for what I do because they haven’t seen signs of a Christian who has disappointed.

Are you married?

I was married but I am separated from my husband. It’s been seven years now and I have a boy from the relationship.

Do you have any regrets?

I do not have regrets giving birth to my son. I won’t say I regret being in the marriage because I gave birth to my son as a result of the marriage and my son has erased all my regrets.

What if the son had come from somebody else and not from the father?

The point there is I have a son. I don’t want to know where he came from. I appreciate the fact that I have a son and I thank God for that. I don’t care whether it’s from mister A or Mister B. It could have been from any responsible man

How are you coping without him?

Well! I have my family, friends and relatives who are always there anytime. I have other things I do. I sell shoes, bags, accessories and people know me for that

How has he been playing the role of a father to your son?

There is a saying that ‘’ what a man can do a woman can do better’’. I stand on that and I thank God I am coping well. There is something in life I want you to look at. What if you gave birth to a child and the father dies, will you wake him to come and play his fatherly role? In any situation you find yourself, you have to be strong and stand on your feet.

Looking back, would you have wished your marriage had worked out?

No, I wouldn’t have

Do you deprive your son of the right of knowing his father?

He knows his father. He has a relationship with his father. I dare not deprive him of his joy

How long did it take you to get over the breakup?

As I said, I have my family, siblings and friends so I did not find it difficult .The only regret I have is that we have just one issue from the marriage. I intended to have two children for him because that has been my plan. Man proposes, God disposes. I had the plan of having two children from one man.

Do you have plans of getting married again?

Definitely, I just want to wait for my son to grow a little before going into another one in order not to be accused by him of going into another relationship immediately I left his dad.

Do you still get advances from men?

Why wouldn’t I? Am I not beautiful and sexy enough? I have many of them and I will definitely go for one someday.

What is your definition of a sexy woman?

A sexy woman is someone that is clean. Your outlook, appearance and character contribute to what makes you sexy. For some men, they look at curves and the physical appearance, while others look at the heart. It depends on what you want to look at.

How about the comments you get on social media?

I have not gotten any awful comment so far. Recently, I posted a picture on Instagram. I was wearing an outfit revealing my cleavage and I captioned it: “Your opinions not needed”. If I didn’t want people to see it, I wouldn’t have posted it. I wouldn’t even wear the outfit in the first place.

Would you say being endowed has given you an edge in the industry?

Everything still boils down to what you can do, the way you interpret your scripts. We don’t use boobs to interpret scripts.

Would you allow someone to touch your boobs in a movie?

It is acting. If it has to do with touching my boobs it is acting as long as he doesn’t bring them out to suck. It depends on the message you are trying to pass across. There is no point saying it isn’t in our culture and using religious sentiments to give explanations. Why are you an actor in the first place if you couldn’t portray the true picture of something?

What is the limit for you?

Someone cannot have sex with me live on set. That is the highest point of it all. Kissing and caressing my boobs are still minor to me.

Is there any role you can’t play?

You know it’s been said that money is the root of all evils. When you think of the hugeness of the money you will be paid you might be tempted. So, I won’t say this is what I can do and this is what I cannot do.

Can you date someone in the industry?

I can never and I will not.

Do you get advances from them?

Definitely, a lot; I won’t date someone in the industry.

What are your reasons?

I see them as my colleagues. I see no reason why I should date them. I won’t be able to flow. Imagine a director pairing someone I am in a relationship with, in a movie with me. I won’t just flow.

What are the qualities you look out for in men?

Everybody says he has to be God fearing and hardworking. I don’t have any particular favourite quality. I just want you to be clean. I love when a guy is totally clean.

What if he is clean and doesn’t have other qualities like satisfying you in bed?

My lifestyle doesn’t revolve around any man. If you can’t satisfy me in bed, I will let you know you cannot satisfy me. We will find a way out. Is it not about making love? I will tell you this is the way I want you to do it. Give it to me this way. I am an adult. I see no reason why I should shy away from that if I really think he is clean enough for me.

What is your opinion about the use of sex toys by some women?

Its personal. If you think you need them, why can’t you get them. I sell them and they buy

How has the patronage been?

It’s been huge.

Do celebrities patronise you too?

Friends, celebrities, anybody can buy. That is why I don’t broadcast when I want to sell my goods. I have my customers. A colleague did her baby shower, I took some to the venue and people were so happy they were asking me where they could get them.

Do you use it?

You don’t have to ask me if I use it. The fact that I sell it doesn’t mean I use it. That’s personal

I read somewhere that men are attracted to your boobs?

Well, that is an old story.

How true is it?

I wouldn’t deny anything you people write because you use headlines you like to sell your papers. For me, I just laugh at whatever is written about me. It is news; you give them what they want to hear or read. I don’t see any reason for me to dispute anything. Everybody has their own selling point that they flaunt. I have a colleague who is known for her huge hips and she calls herself “Hips Don’t Lie”. Whenever she takes pictures she flaunts her hips saying “Hips Don’t Lie”.

Do you see your boobs as a selling point?

I see them as a selling point and I don’t think there is anything wrong in flaunting them

How has it helped you in getting roles?

It depends on the kind of role you are being told to play. For instance, there was a particular film I was supposed to star in that involved all the ladies in the Yoruba movie industry who have big boobs. I couldn’t act in it because I was on another location.

Do you consider yourself as one of the most endowed actresses?

I will put myself in category C or may be category B. I have people who are in the category A like Ronke Oshodi Oke and Foluke daramola.

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