Movie Review CITY OF DRAGONS(2014)

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Esther Kokori
Cast: Emma Ehumadu, Harry B, Sylvester Madu, JNR. Pope Odonwodo, Zubby Micheal and Oge Aneke
Director: Vincent .D. Anointed

Synopsis: Two friends who grew up and suffered together joined a drug cartel in other to survive, they end up splitting ways and becoming enemies dealing in drugs and killing each other’s men and they became nuisance to the community which puts them on the police watch list. They try everything in their grasp to catch them.
The first thing I am going to say in this review is that as writers we forget that we aren’t in America, we are in Nigeria and everything including what we write should be done in the African-Nigerian way. I have to say I am very disappointed with the writer of this movie because there were a lot of blunders in this movie, I always say we shouldn’t try to complicate our work with big English when we could always use simple English and still pass the message.
I watched this movie and I was bored because all I could see were people killing themselves and it even took me time to understand that it was a movie that involved drugs, at first I thought they were thieves. I started enjoying this movie towards the end, the story about how the two drug-lords were friends that was the only part of the movie that was realistic. The rest am sorry to say was not realistic because I understand that drug dealers go about their businesses very secretly to avoid being noticed.
The effects of the movie was one of the part I hated seeing, I can remember seeing a scene where the effects showed that the windscreen of the car was damaged with bullets and in that same scene showing that same car the windscreen was okay. IsabelAlso saw a guy fall before the bullet even hit him.
I believe this movie was a rush job, the production should have taken the time to look through the story, see that the story was dragging and that there were scenes in the movie that weren’t necessary, if the writer had minimized the shootings and killings and shown us that they were really dealing in drugs, it would have been an interesting story suspense filled to watch.
I wouldn’t say I would or wouldn’t recommend this movie but I just feel the story would have been great if it was thought true. I hope the second part of the movie will do justice to the story.
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