Movie Review Don jazzy Again

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Reviwer Esther Kokori

Cast: John Okafor, Amechi Muonagor, Robert Nasski Ogbuegbu and Oluchi Okeakwu

Director: Kemsteve Anuka

Synopsis: Don King returns to his village to host a dancing competition that will enable the winner of the competition win ten million naira and move to the city to become a super star.
The truth is I looked forward to watching this movie, I was hoping it would give me the comic version of the real Don Jazzy, but alas what I watched was nothing close to what I imagined. There were a lot of things wrong with this movie and am sorry to say that the director didn’t do his job well.
Why do things like this keep happening in Nollywood, the name of the movie doesn’t have anything to do with the main movie, at the end of the day it’s all hog-wash
The story line was wrong, at a point I was confused because the story seemed to be going zig zag, there were a lot of things I didn’t understand and I believe there wasn’t any need for the mentus and choc ho part because it seemed that they were over acting the part from their words they didn’t sell themselves as Igbo men that weren’t educated actually they were made to look stupid in a not funny way.
And I was hoping he would have gotten his people, taken them to the city, it all seemed a waste of time, they were just dancing and dancing and it seemed the dancing wouldn’t end and John okafor wasn’t acting like a Don oh not at al. The truth is I didn’t find the movie funny at all, but it wouldn’t have been a bad movie if the comic side of the movie was well planned because after watching the movie it looked like a rushed production.

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