Movie Review Hungry Lions

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Cast: Sylvester Mmadu, Emma Chumadu, Harry B, Daniel .K. Daniel, Mickey Rodstick

Synopsis: Chief Udoji and his three sons Ekene Ebube and Emeka commit serious atroicities in the community, but chief’s three sons hide what they do under their profession, one is a business man, the other a police man and the last son a lawyer, the police try to catch the faceless cabal but don’t know that one of their own is one of the evil men.
I like the story in this movie it is filled with suspense in a way, liked that the different stories portrayed in the movie came together really well. I would just like to point out that the AMALA part where she kept disobeying her mother and doing anything she liked in her mother’s home was quite unnecessary, even if she was a spoilt rich kid her mother could have had some say in her life at least that would make her do anything she wants to do outside and not bring it home, I think the line was crossed it would have been better if the woman was encouraging her that would have done justice to the bringing boyfriend and drinking at home part
Although I have some issues with the effects, it’s better if they don’t zoom in on things like cars, especially the part where the destroyed the cars and the cars still seemed intact, and people falling down before they were even shot.
Back to the story, the story was cool, but I would have loved if the high-chief made his sons an enigma, preferred if he was the only one who knew that his sons were the ones going on the operations not involving people he had business with it would have heightened the suspense of the movie.
And less I forget, the beginning of the movie was wrong, the part where he was to be assassinated but didn’t die because he had supernatural powers, in another scene I could see them trying to get supernatural powers at the spiritualist shrine when the high chief had powers already, that was wrong.
All in all, the movie is a good one apart from all these things I mentioned, I will recommend the movie to anybody to watch.
Our score 45percent

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