Movie review Magic Bible

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Esther Kokori
Cast: Patience Ozorkwo, Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Francess Nsonwu Ikoroha, Mark Smith

Synopsis: Ipere ( Chinedu Ikedieze) and Tanka (Osita Iheme) the sons of Eriri (Patience Ozorkwo) trouble the villagers and cause a lot of havoc in the village, when their mother who is tired of their problems drag them to a prophet, they get hold of his magic bible and start performing miracles in the village.
Am not really happy with this production, the story is a recycled story but just little details was added and changed, this story was copied from the original AKI NA UKWA aka AKI AND PAW-PAW. It’s still the same two boys causing serious problems getting some powers and disturbing the village with it. At a point I got very bored watching it because it is the same old story
The same BIEBE (DORCAS) always the imbecile, the same story line and everything, the only thing that differentiated it was the bible they stole, I think the production should have worked on the concept in another way it was just too glaring that it was a copied job. But I have to commend the special effects it looked really real.
Well it’s very funny to watch and I will recommend for anyone who needs to laugh
our score 40percent

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