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Reviwer Esther Kokori

Cast: Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Chinyere Wilfred, Zulu Adigwe, Walter Anga, Angela Okorie and Florence Owanta

Director: Mac-Collins Chidebe

Synopsis: Sabina (Chinyere Wilfred) and her daughter Isioma (Chioma Akpotha) come back to their village after living in congo for thirty years, she comes back to seek revenge after what the villagers did to her father, the agbarawanyi (Florence Owanta) of the village is perplexed and quite at loss of what power she posses.
The truth is from the beginning of this movie till the end I was laughing, story is simple and sweet, but put in a way that will get the viewers laughing. Few months back when I saw the picture of Angela Okorie on the internet when the movie was been shot, I never imagined it was for a movie that would be this funny.
I have to give it to the actors of the movie they were at their best, a big kudos to the director and most of all the makeup artist, am still trying to decide whether Angela okorie was being made to look funny or scary but either way, it was brilliant. And for Chioma Akpotha am still clapping because she played her role so well but in a cool way like the role was made for her, I have never been to Congo but if that is how they speak its quite funny.
Although there were some little mistakes, I watched two scenes where the actors were looking at the camera, a mistake on their part though that should have been seen before being released, I would have appreciated if Sabina would have dropped the yaw or nyor (I don’t really understand it) part that she always puts at the end of her sentences because it wasn’t really convincing, but apart from that she was really marvelous.
Looking at the story of this movie, there is this suspense about this movie, all through watching the movie I was wondering why Sabina will actually confront this priestess everyone seemed to be afraid of and seriously I really wanted to see what would happen next. I really won’t lie this production was beautiful, cool story about revenge and how they seem to go about it is unfolding.
I would totally recommend this movie for everyone to watch, it’s funny and am sure has a lesson to teach everyone. Before I forget am looking forward to watch the next part of the movie and the name is SABINA MAKOSA

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