Movie review!INA ATI ETU (2015)

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Cast: Toyin Aimakhu, Muyiwa Ademola, Antar Laniyan, Doris Simeon, Bukky Ogunnote, Foluke Daramola, Mercy Ebosele, Jide Fawole, Adeniyi Johnson and Biola Adebayo

Director: Antar Laniyan

Synopsis: Two sworn enemies Seun (Muyiwa Ademola) and Oyenike (Toyin Aimakhu) enter into a marriage of convenience to achieve a purpose but they never bargained for what transpired later.
I don’t know if I have actually watched the work of Antar Laniyan before but this is a first that I acknowledged and I am saying well done sir. The story is very romantic, it’s like some of the stories I read in my novels and I drifted back to my fantasy world for some time while watching this movie.
And for the actors and actresses they did their work so well, although there were some things I noticed in the movie that wasn’t actually depicting the story. At a point in time Toyin Aimakhu was not actually behaving romantically towards Muyiwa Ademola you could tell from the way she was putting some distance between them when they made up while they hugged.
There were some parts in this movie that I wished they had ended properly because I kept pondering over it. Did Oyenike’s father die, who is Soji to her and why was he telling Soji to take care of his daughter instead of her husband, those scenes ended with some questions.
Costumes were marvelous, modern day movie, modern day fashion sense it was perfect, okay I want to say this I would prefer if they had spoken Yoruba throughout the movie, I understand the fact that it was supposed to be a modern day film, but at a point the English spoken in the movie was very wrong and it was very easy noticing it.
I also had problem with the translation too, for those people that don’t really understand Yoruba properly and rely on interpretations it would have been nice if the interpretations was coherent with the way they were speaking, there were some places you know what the character wanted to say before the character actually says it. I noticed that when the character spoke English the translation was still written in English, would have appreciated if it was written in Yoruba
Apart from all this mistakes I outlined the movie is a great one and I will definitely recommend this movie to everyone, the love story is a beautiful one and the actors made it a must watch with their acting

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  1. john

    February 27, 2015 at 5:06 PM

    this is a good movie’by all standards its a bit diffrent from the regular yoruba movies out there.shout out to the director antar laniyan and to the producer nifemi egunlusi your work speaks for itself.

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