Weekend Review Amin,Tori ife and Setemi

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AMIN (2015)
Cast: Femi Adebayo, Austine Emmanuel, Kayode Adebayo, Olaide Balogun, Ojumola Folajomi Bello and Ayinde Rahmon

Director: Kayode Adebayo

Synopsis: Deolu and his wife didn’t help his younger brother who was sick and needed help, the young man died laying a curse on his elder brother
The truth about this story is that I got bored watching it, the story told was a nice story but was not interpreted well by the actors, I had problem with the actors who were acting as if they were forcing the script on them especially the younger brother Leye he acted his role poorly. The movie was really dragging. Some scenes were just annoying especially the part where she was talking to someone and we couldn’t even see who the person was. The costumes and interpretation was okay but I can’t give kudos to the director because I didn’t feel he did a great job on this movie, the movie title didn’t even go with the movie. From the way the movie was shot it was obvious that it was a low budget movie.
Reviewed by esther kokori

TORI IFE (2015)
Cast: Iyabo Ojo, Femi Adebayo, Muka Ray Eyiwunmi and Lara Giwa

Director: Abiodun Olanrewaju

Synopsis: Two sisters Fikayomi and Darasimi love each so much until one of the sisters had a dream about a young man Deji Anibaba who was going to be her helper; she falls in love with him only to discover that the young man was her sister’s fiancé. She tries everything to have the man to herself but ends up committing series of murder.
Story is really a great one, simple story telling us about how we misinterprete things at times, although there were a few things about the movie that got me thinking, I would have loved if the action part of the movie was more intense although I understand because the movie was not about violence. The costumes were marvelous, including makeup but I also noticed the hairdo’s on the ladies were amiss at times, the director was also good at his job too, an applause for him. I had a problem with one part of the movie though, the part where Darasimi was supposed to be her sister fikayomi and she actually changed back immediately and was crying rape, it wasn’t well done she already had this shocked look that everyone saw including her sister who wasn’t supposed to believe her but I liked that she quickly covered it up with an explanation that he was holding her hands but that didn’t do justice to that scene. And along the line also I was wondering how the first murder happened because she didn’t quite explain when it was exactly that she acquired the gun, and a police officer isn’t supposed to be just asking about his gun, he didn’t even indicate that he had been looking for the gun. The interpretation of the movie was great too but I would have loved it that when they spoke English it was interpreted in Yoruba. Apart from all this mistakes this movie is a great movie and it is a movie that has a vital lesson to teach everyone, will totally recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Esther kokori

SETEMI (2015)
Cast: Regina Chukwu, Adeniyi Johnson, Liz Anjorin, Allwell Ademola, Toyin Aimakhu, Tunde Dickson, Gbemi Akintunde and Saliu Gbolagade.

Director: Kunle Afod

Synopsis: three friend Setemi, Sefunmi and Solape have an argument over a man, they end their friendship and go their separate ways only to experience strange things happening to them, when one of them Setemi goes to find out it was revealed that it was something bad they did in the past that they were being punished for.
I like the way the story progressed, at first I was a little bit skeptical especially when it started and they were arguing over a man I got bored but as it progressed I was able to see it was getting interesting, I really applaud the director for a job well done, the make-up artist and the costumiers, they all did a fantastic job. There were a few mistakes in this movie that I put down though I could barely hear the man commanding Setemi to do things, even when I increased the volume of my television. Then there was the scene where Setemi was beaten and her face was battered and bruised but she was still wearing fresh make-up for someone that was beaten blue-black I was expecting her make-up would have been ruined because of all the tears and bruises and then the part where Solape got to her house and found that her furniture had disappeared I expected because she was naturally rude that she would have insulted the gateman asking who came to pack her things but she was dazed like someone that already knew what was happening. Apart from these little mistakes, the movie is a nice one to watch and has a lesson to teach everyone.amintoriifesetemi

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