Fidelis Duker writes birthday tribute to Famous Otapowien

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Coming a bit late but a happy birthday to one of the true patriots of nollywood, a blunt, kind, dispassionate, committed and often times political. a chip of the old nollywood block. His sourjorn in Nollywood predates the present phenomenon having been a thespian in the old bendel state dance and drama groups. many will liken his entry in nollywood as a pioner MOVIE POSTER printer of some of the blockbuster nollywood films of the early 90s. i remember his occassional visit to my house in yaba when he used to live in his humbe one room apartment around olajuwon street where you had the old NLC secretariat in the eighties. it was in this one room apartment that this man housed the likes of Lancelot De Guv’nor Imasuen when they came as fresh entrants into lagos. Even though reffered to as a printer turned producer but i will rather call him a producer as he has produced films like THE REVEREND, NEEDLE amongst others. he is a member of several nollywood guilds and always very passionate about the development of the industry. On the side, he is an ardent football lover and a member of the Nollywood football team, also a member of the Lagos All stars football club with members like Gov.babatunde fashola, Fred Amata, henry nwosu amongst several others. so today i wish Famous Otakponmwen the Okada Man a Happy birthday…….enjoy bro as you celebrate the eve of welcome to the club of 50.



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