Movie review OGA SOJA (2014)

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Reviewed by Esther Kokori

Cast: Antar Laniyan, Kemi Afolabi, Odunlade Adekola, Lateef Adedimeji, Tayo Adeniyi and Idowu Lawal

Director: Antar Laniyan

Synopsis: Old soldier (Antar Laniyan) sets up the guy who is dating his girlfriend Temi up and asks her to lie that he stole and raped her, she becomes sad and opens up to a neighbor aunty Ajoke who fights for her and bad things starts happening to old Soldier
A shout out to Antar laniyan for doing a great job and for acting the part of the old soldier like a pro. Although I had some issues with some scenes, especially the part where there were so many adverts in the movie and at a point I got tired of it. The honeymoon scene with Omowunmi (Kemi Afolabi) and Akorede (Odunlade Adekola) should have been cut off and not shown because she stood up from the bed wearing bum shorts and people could see she was well dressed, the part where old soldier lost his child and I could see Akin (the mother of the boy that was detained) in old soldier’s house, that was not necessary or realistic, she hates old soldier and old soldier ordered that she should be beaten why would she come back to a place where she wasn’t welcome. The costumes in this movie was on point, the interpretation was okay also. I liked the fact that there was no English spoken and it was strictly Yoruba and also there was suspense in this movie I couldn’t tell which was which and at a point I was becoming confused then it all come together towards the end of the movie. All in this entire movie was a great movie and I say it’s a must watch for everyone because the lesson taught here was very vita, I would totally recommend this movie to anyone.
Our score 65percent

1 Comment

  1. seyi

    June 6, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    the movie is so nice and please who sang the soundtrack cos I really like the song

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