Movie Review The Struggle,Tears of the Dumb and Isi Mimi

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Cast: Zubby Micheal, Kelvin Ikeduba, Charles Okocha, Rubby Orjiakor, Alaso Wariboko

Director: Emeka Hills Umeasor

Synopsis: a young graduate Alfread (Zubby Micheal) goes through hardship because he couldn’t get a job, to save his dying mother he had to delve into crime and later on sets up a gang to survive.
Okay, am going to use a word that is out of context, this movie was mad in fact crazy, I enjoyed this movie because it was a good story well planned and a well coordinated production. The effects were great beautiful I could see an almost perfect shooting scene, the actors and actresses did their job so well. The director of this production did a very good job, the story was funny, emotional and had a lot of suspense it was also action filled, although I had some issues with some scenes and some actors. The actor who took the character of one bullet (Alaso Warikoko) started over-acting, he was talking too much although I know he was supposed to give the impression that he was high on alcohol but he actually overdid that part there were things he was saying that weren’t necessary. I loved the actress that played Monica (Ruby Orjiakor) she was so convincing, beautifully done portrayed the girl that doesn’t care but beneath all the toughness she was an emotional person. Zubby Micheal who played Alfred was so good with his role he portrayed the good boy gone bad, even when he stole for the first time you could his hands shake and also Kelvin Ikeduba great job. I had a problem with the oath taking scene it was so intense that at a point it looked fake. All in all this entire movie was a great movie to watch and will totally recommend it to anyone
I rate this movie 75%

Cast: Queen Nwokoye, Nkem Owoh, Chizzy Alichi, Chink Nwaipa

Director: Tchidi Chikere

Synopsis: Uwadiegbu (Nkem Owoh) slept with Mkpulumma (Queen Nwokoye) and got her pregnant, he denied it and tarnishes her image by hiring boys to lie against her, he later leaves the village to avoid swearing an oath and ends up in the city where he sent his wife who he trained, she treats him like a servant and he goes through a lot in the city only to discovers that the reason why he is suffering is because of Mkpulumma.
I loved this story it is realistic, interesting and funny. I have to say that the director did a very good Job; he read the story understood and directed it very well. The actors also did justice to the story by putting themselves in the story, especially Nkem Owoh and Queen Nwokoye. Nkem Owoh was the typical village man an elder for that matter who didn’t want to be put to shame even though he committed the act. Queen Nwokoye really acted the part of a dumb village girl, I have met dumb people and sometimes they can be quite aggressive and stubborn she really was that kind of person; I really appreciated her act and would even give her a hundred percent for a job well done. Make up and costumes were very nice. I only had few issues about this movie there was this part where Agnes; Uwadiegbu’s so called wife who lived in the city went into a place that looked like and hotel and entered her house, later in the movie I saw another house which was also her house it was a little bit confusing. And also they said Abuja city and I was seeing yellow cabs, if I haven’t been to Abuja before I would think they have yellow cabs in Abuja they should have done some investigation concerning the city they wanted to use, all in all the movie is a good one and I really enjoyed watching it.
I rate this movie is 70%
ISI MMIRI (2015)

Cast: Ngozi Ezeonu, Chiwetalu Agu, Chinyere Maduike, Njideka Okeke, Rhema Nedu Isaac, Stephen Odinigbe, Joseph Nwankwoude.

Director: Charles Okoli

Synopsis: in order for Ugegbe (Chinyere Maduike) to marry the love of her life Ugbana (Stephen Odinigbe) she hatches a plan to deceive her mother and pretends to want to marry Ugbana’s friend Okereke (Rhema Nedu Isaac), when the deal was done Okereke found out that he was impotent and could not make love to his own wife Mgbeke (Ada Owerre), he finds out that the high priestess had joined him and her daughter together and it couldn’t be broken, he begs his friend to allow him marry Ugegbe but they both conspire and betray him in a bid to pay them back he turns to a black witch who turns him into a black wizard and he causes havoc in the village.
I enjoyed this movie, it had an African feel to it and took me back to our cultural values it was nice to watch but I felt the movie was too long with un-necessary scenes. The director did his job well and the effects were at medium but were good. I had issues with the spoken English in this movie I am watching a movie that is supposed to be set before civilization and I could hear words like “Brainy Darling” which wasn’t appropriate for a movie like this, and on the other hands there were serious blunders in the movie when ugbebe said “ezewayinship” I was like simple words should have been used instead of complicating the movie, people that watch movies pick up words and say it when convincing other people to watch the movie. I also had a problem with the costumes because I was confused at a stage, what time or year was this movie set in? Was it before the colonization or after the colonization because for a village movie I could see the ugbebe wearing plastic earrings. And even when the same Ugbebe was trying to convince Mgbeke to marry okereke she was saying he didn’t just want to sleep with her and leave her, there were so many conflicting words in this movie that makes you wonder if the story writer knew history. In another scene Mgbeke was telling Okereke that before her father died she promised to marry a strong man I was like oh her father was dead but when she agreed to marry him she said he should take wine to her father. The production crew should have taken time to read, edit and correct the mistakes made by the writer and clear the mistakes made by the actors. The actors and actresses did a good job by putting themselves in the role given to them to play. The movie was enjoyable I watched it till the end.
I rate this movie 50%struggletearsisi mimi

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