Bob Manuel and wife share secret of their successful marriage

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In an interview with BON, the veteran actor and politician who alongside his wife celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary at Golden Tulip Hotel, Festac Town, Lagos, revealed the secret to his successful marriage.

BON: Congratulations to you Sir
BOB MANUEL: Thank you so much
BON: 15 years of marriage how has the journey been so far?
BOB MANUEL: So far so good, as a journey sometimes you experience bombs (cut in) but then it gets smother as the journey continues so for me I have a reason to be grateful to God for 15 years I’m still there I’m very much happy being in it.
BON: You have 1 of the most successful marriages in Nollywood, how have you been able to balance your career as an actor, politician and the head of the family?
BOB MANUEL: The success comes from having an understanding partner a family that is together and trying to allocate my time appropriately to each of these areas of responsibility that you have talked about family, work and all that so I try to spread my time as much as possible to meet up with the obligation I have to all of them.
BON: Could you please tell us about your wife?
BOB MANUEL: I meet my wife when I went to study in for my Master’s Degree in University of Lagos she was an undergraduate then and I saw in her qualities.
BON: How many years back?
BOB MANUEL: This was 1998 and 1999 academic section and 2000 we got married.
BON: What makes her special to you?
BOB MANUEL: She’s a home maker also an understanding woman sometimes she also act as my mentor.
BON: How much time do you spend at home with your family? Due to your professional
BOB MANUEL: It may not be much because of the demand for the job that I do but any time I’m free I spend the whole lot of quality time at home in other to make up for the times I’m not there.
BON: There is this romour out there that you’ve dumped acting for politics, how true is that?
BOB MANUEL: You can never quit acting you know, you grow from 1 stage to another and my appointment as Senior special Assistant to the Gov of Anambra state on movie and entertainment also makes it a imperative to that I should be part of entertainment to know what is going on there and be able to transcript that to part of the work I do and advice I give to government and things the government hope to do in terms of entertainment in Anambra State. When I went to get a ticket for a seat in Anambra State House of Assembly it doesn’t work but that doesn’t mean I have stopped acting there are movies coming out and there are film I shoot but are not yet released so I’m very much in there. I don’t think it’s a good thing for the society to strive on romour, today we have Cell Phone that you can send email, twitter, facebook, instagram you can always reach somebody on this social media network and so it is not good to speculate what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t like to use your word “dumped” acting no I’m a pioneer in this industry and I cannot dump it.
BON: What inspired you in politics?
BOB MANUEL: (cut in) life where you look at your circumstances and the circumstances of the society and you know that you are well educated and also qualified to contribute to the process of policy and decision making of in the country, so the inspiration comes from the fact that if you keep complaining without going to see how we can help to change things for the better then you have no reason to complain, just like people who complain that they haven’t register to vote and those who have registered and on election day they can’t come out to vote, what you get after that is your role making.

BON: Congratulations to you Ma
BON: How has the journey been so far?
CASSANDRA UDOKWU: No journey has always been smooth in life when you are flying there’s problem, when you are driving there are potholes likewise in marriage but to the glory of God it has been wonderful.
BON: Could you please tell us about your husband?
CASSANDRA UDOKWU: Bob Manuel Udokwu is a house hold name in the film industry, we meet in Unilag and we got married in year 2000 the popular actor and now Senior Special Assistant to Gov of Anambra State Willie Obiano on Entertainment and Film Industry, is a father of two also a wonderful person. He contributed so much to make this marriage work because marriage is not a one person affair.
BON: What are the things that make him Special to you?
CASSANDRA UDOKWU: Humility, Bob Manuel is so humble is so romantic the way he use to communicate with me because we communicate a lot is a free man and also a wonderful person.
BON: How much time does your husband spend with you and your children due to his choice of career today location tomorrow location and all that?
CASSANDRA UDOKWU: Thank God u said that by yourself because he hardly stay around because of the type of job is doing and now is currently working with the Anambra State Gov Dr, Willie Obiano. Not being around doesn’t means that is not around we communicate everyday by call or by text message we communicate at least 3 times in a day is a tradition so I’m not feeling the gap because is there.
BON: How do you cope with your husband due to his professional?
CASSANDRA UDOKWU: I cope with him as an individual is a husband, a friend and a lover, you know some doctors hardly stay at home doctor can be in bed 2:00 am and a call can coming as an emergency what will the doctor do? The doctor will leave the house to the hospital to perform the surgery that doesn’t mean that is not there with the wife. Is here and there in they are own job is because of business some business men in Alaba do travel to China, Hong Kong, Japan and stay for about 1 week, 2 weeks (cut in). Is job takes him around yet he is there because whatever I need he does it whatever the kids need he does it will you say because of his job is neglecting is responsibility no he don’t.

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