Ejike Asiegbu returns with Agwonma the unbreakable egg

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Agwonma the unbreakable egg is produced by I creations and directed by chukwuemeka orjiani (Dr virus). Its a movie centered around a kingdom called ozha kingdom. A kingdom that was known to worship snakes, a kingdom where gods dwelt amongst men. It was a place that lacked nothing, a land of milk and honey, the women were blessed, the men had plenty until calamity struck. The prince committed a taboo, a sacrilege. He killed a snake, at the request of a beautiful maiden who wanted the sacred unbreakable egg from the snake goddesses temple, and this egg happened to be guarded by the snake god Chieke, the husband of Agwonma. After the death came calamity. A must watch movie staring Ejike Asiegbu, Francis Duru, Joy Helen, Agbogidi connel, Amanda Ebeye, Prince Eke, AMVCA nominee kelechi Udegbe, Rex Okonzuwa and a host of others. Ejike‎ Asiegbus debut after a long time, and his acting was tops.

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