Movie Review Iha mi,oyinkansola,Eni bi Maami and Olakanmi

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Review done by Esther Kokori

IHA MI (2015)
Cast: Bukola Ogundare,Lateef Adedeji, Damola Olatunji, Doris Simon, Yomi Gold,Tayo Shobola, Tunde Usman and Afeez Abiodun

Director: Tunde Alabi

Synopsis: two couples Morenikeji (Bukola Ogundare) and Olatunde (Lateef Adedeji) and Henry (Damola Olatunji) and Alexa (Doris simon) have issues in their marriages, they were not compatible at all. Where Olatunde hates Alcohol and night clubs Morenikeji loves it. So also is Henry’s marriage he likes clubbing and drinking but his wife Alexa doesn’t like it, all she cares about is work. They discover that they aren’t compatible and later find their missing ribs
This story was well directed acted and well told; story addresses problems in marriages these days and why there are so many divorces happening in the world these days
The couples in this movie didn’t study themselves before they entered into the marriage they kind of entertained the idea that their partners would change when they got married.
The directing was superb, the camera told us stories that didn’t need words telling us that both couples were okay and even when there was a third couple the vulganizer and his wife it told us he loved his wife even though she was a glutton, showed us the love.
The actors did their job well, I can’t even type a word to discredit any of them, they did their jobs very well from Damola Olatunji who played the gentleman but happening guy who was frustrated with his wife but was brought up well not to touch any woman to Doris Simon who played the quiet wife with the quiet lifestyle who was all about work she also acted the scared wife who thought her husband had changed and was so frustrated would hit her.
Bukola Ogundare who played the happening girl married to a quiet guy did a very good job too and also Lateef Adedeji who though I thought looked a little young for the role was actually superb and acted his part flawlessly
The makeup for this production was okay, costumes too and also interpretation although I felt when they spoke English it should have been translated and written in Yoruba. This movie was a great and nice enjoyable movie to watch I enjoyed every minute I watched it.
I rate this movie 85%iha
Cast: Toyin Aimakhu, Joke Jigan, Yomi Gold, Akin Lewis, Temitayo Adeniyi, Ayo Adesanya, Toyin Adewale and Shola Akintunde

Director: Okiki Afolayan

Synopsis: three orphaned girls Oyinkansola, Ayoola and Mary live at the mission house and go to a reverend father reverend Akinwande for advise whom they also see as a father figure, he resigns when he is confronted with a secret in his past, but rumor flies about that he is sleeping with one of the orphaned girls Oyinkansola which makes the news and the head of the mission house send her packing from the mission house. A lot of problems befall her and her desire to be a model.
Even though the story was quite nice, it took me a while to understand this movie, it was quite complex because at first I didn’t know where the story was going to but towards the end secrets started to unfold, it was kind of dragging I guess it was meant to make the movie longer.
The story focuses on Oyinkansola who might likely be the daughter of the reverend father of an Anglican church, whom he had years ago with a woman he was very much in love with. His mother was quiet a controlling figure in his life because she actually forced him to go to the seminary and become a father. Liked the way the story is crafted and written but it would have been nicer if the story was well co-ordidnated and shot. The movie became boring at a time and was dragging
Actress Joke Jigan didn’t really do justice to her role at all, at times she was convincing and at times she wasn’t, you could see through her façade sometimes especially the part where she is supposed to be mocking someone or crying and she looks as if she was playing, infact there was a part where she blew it, the part of the fashion show where she was challenging Toyin Aimakhu am sorry to say but she looked fake. And I am really surprised that this movie is her production and she didn’t give it her all. Temitayo Adeniyi, Yomi Gold and Ayo adesanya were superb at their roles although I believe at a point Ayo adesanya was over-acting her part.
Make up was impressive infact they did a wonderful job with the reverend’s mother who looked older than her son given the fact that the actress was almost the same age range as the reverend himself. I only had problems with the fact that some of the makeup of the models was quite heavy. The costumes were superb, although I would have loved to see the reverend in some casual clothes especially after he resigned. All in all I enjoyed the movie watched it till the end.
I rate this movie 65%oyinenib class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-25712″ />

Cast: Funsho Adeolu, Toyin Aimakhu, Tunde Usman, Kayode Adebayo, Ibrahim Yekini, Bigval Jokotoye, Morenikeji Alausa, Ade Adenrele, Olaitan Ogungbile, Shola Akintunde, Yomi Adeyeri, Sukanmi Akaani and Bukola Fagbuyi

Director: Funsho Adeolu

Synopsis: Bosun marries his company CEO’s daughter, the day of the wedding the CEO is killed and they move on with their lives only for Rolake to go insane few months after their wedding anytime it comes she starts saying “that’s the point”.
The truth is I didn’t understand this story at all, it started with a guy who works for a company, then is engaged to the daughter of the owner and he marries her and the owner dies and she becomes crazy. I didn’t feel that this movie needed to have a part two, the whole story could have been put in one CD and some of the adverts trashed, in fact they were repeating adverts and it killed the movie for me.
The actors did their own thing, in fact they were professionals acting their parts well but the story wasn’t well coordinated, costumes and make-up were okay, I had problems with the gun-shot scene it was so fake I can’t imagine shooting someone and there isn’t any blood I would definitely shoot that person again. And when Rolake’s father was killed there wasn’t any emphasis that they mourned the man’s death, he was shot and they were on their honeymoon making love and the next scene was her planning her husband’s birthday it didn’t gel at all. Toyin Aimakhu did a great job playing a mad woman in fact she was very good with her role, especially the scene where she was talking to herself but it seemed she was talking to three people to where she entered dirty water it was perfect. Am not that curious to watch the next part of the film though because I can actually tell what would happen next.
I rate this 45%olak

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