11 years After Marriage,I have Never cheated my wife Yomi fash Lanso

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Nollywood actor, Yomi Fash-Lanso, has revealed that since getting married to his wife in 2004, he has never cheated on her. The actor, while describing his wife, stated that she has been such a nice woman that is so understanding and caring and above all, not materialistic. Fash-Lanso said: “Nothing much! “She’s just a simple person. “She is very simple. “She is God-sent. “It is very rare for a man to find a woman that is very understanding, determined and shares your vision. “Then you survive and grow together. “So that’s the kind of woman God has blessed me with. “Tell me why I won’t marry that kind of person. “She’s not materialistic at all. “Of course, she’s pretty and God-fearing. “If you have that kind of a woman as a wife, you don’t know what you have as a man. “So I thank God for my life.” Fash-Lanso, who is mostly believed to be a lover boy in most of his movies, had once explained that the reason why he loves and respect women is that he learns a lot from them from discussions. He disclosed that though his wife gave him a tough time, it was through the help of a woman in her compound that he was able to ask her out, which she later agreed to. He noted that even as at the affection period, she never knew that he was an actor because she does not watch movies. Her passion is reading.

Culled from: The Eagle Online

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