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Reviewed by Esther Kokori


Cast: Ngozi Ezeonu, Steve Eboh, Ruth Kadiri, Lin Joe Madu, Micheal Godson, Deborah King, Mary Ogbonna, Victor Ede, Osunkwo Promise and Herte Odira

Director: Micheal Jaja

Synopsis: Cecilia comes from the village to study in the city and stay with her Aunty Mrs. Thompson but encounters her snobbish Cousins Melisa and Serena who treat her bad, but she shows them that she is also tough for them and gives it to them village style, she also finds an ally in her cousin Bryan
Cant still stop laughing, this movie was so funny that I haven’t stopped. A round applause for Mary Ogbonna known as Cecilia in this movie, I always knew that she was an Igbo Lady but she played the Yoruba village girl so well you won’t be able to tell the difference, the blunders she made and how troublesome she was oh my God it was so hilarious. I want to applaud the director of this movie he did a very good job the actors and actresses did their best for this production they were very good. Ruth Kadiri and Lin Joe Madu acted the snobbish sisters so well, it was so perfect. I can’t still stop laughing can imagine picking a call and kneeling down for that person when the person isn’t in front of you, oh my God. Make up and costumes were on point especially Cecilia’s clothes. I don’t really have much to say for this movie but it is a movie that I will totally recommend to anybody to watch. Seriously I am still wondering how she got admission into the university she must have really used voodoo to write Jamb, can’t wait to watch the next part of this movie.
I rate this movie 85%

MY SUGAR (2015)

Cast: Queen Nwokoye, Uche Odoputa, Steven Ejemba, Harry B, Oma Nnadi, Ifeoma Nwafor, Nuel Chris, Badaiki Erom Shaggy and Angel Ufuoma

Director: Okey Zubelu Okoh

Synopsis: five couples go for a retreat to help change their failed marriages; they learn how to respect and treat each other properly and do away with their excesses.
This movie is funny and has a lot of lessons to teach, it is especially made for couples to learn how to tolerate each other, cases where men don’t know how to satisfy their wives, where men don’t have jobs and their wives control them, where women cant dress the way their would prefer them to dress instead they would cover up and look like old women or where men allow their mothers to control their family. The actors were fantastic I really applaud Harry B who played Mr. Briggs in this movie an American based Nigerian who had his people in Nigeria marry a wife for him, they marry a woman who is not his taste and he doesn’t like her but marries her anyway because the traditional wedding has been carried out in his absence, even his wife does not like him because he looked old enough to be her father, he really acted like an American especially the accent I really give it to him. Queen Nwokoye was marvelous she really acted like a village woman; she was dirty, rude but wanted to please her husband. Then I had problems with the Yoruba couple it was obvious that they weren’t Yoruba. You could hear it in the way they spoke Yoruba. The costumes and make-up were perfect beautiful. This movie was funny and had lessons to teach and am looking forward to watch the other part of it.
I rate this movie 80%
Reviewed by Esther Kokori

VANITY (2015)

Cast: Ngozi Ezeonu, Clems Ohameze, Ernest Obi, Yul Edochie, Chizzy Alichi, Chacha Eke, Oluchi Ekeh and Omolicha Awud

Director: Micheal Jaja

Synopsis: three married men delve into money rituals after facing major breakdown in their businesses, they sacrifice a member of their family then each of them was giving a task to renew their ritual. They end up bearing the consequences of their action after failing to meet up.
This movie was enjoyable, it is a story that teaches patience and makes us understand that everything we have in this life is vanity. I am very pleased with the effects in this movie, some of the things displayed was looking 80% real and it was very nice especially the part where the lady who went to do an abortion was seeing the effects and where the woman who gave birth to a new born baby and her baby’s blood was taken and he turned green at night. Clems Ohameze, Ernest Obi and Yul edochie portrayed their roles very well; they showed us the side of men that were very desperate and willing to do anything to change their status. I like that the film didn’t drag and they went straight to the point of the movie. They didn’t have to start showing us how they were okay with their business and how they started suffering and how they were pushed into doing money rituals, the story teller was precise and it was very nice. I only noticed some few things in this movie that didn’t go well with me Ikembe daughters were in secondary school and that scene made me believe that they went to school that day how come both of them were wearing human hair and had fixed synthetic eyelashes, even private schools in Nigeria don’t allow students to go in with hair that aren’t their natural hair. I really love this movie and I am waiting for the second part of the movie, I will totally recommend this movie to anyone.
I rate this movie 80%
Reviewed by Esther Kokori


Cast: Nonso Diobi, Angela Okorie, Emmanuel Ehumadu, Ejiro Okurame, Ernest Asuzu, Maureen Okpoko, Adanma Luke, Iyke Nwkuenu, cindy Okolie and Amaechu Ononye

Director: Andy Chukwu

Synopsis: Sly and Nicky fall in love but Nicky lives her life carelessly and made friends with bad girls who initiate her into their cult that was headed by Sly. Sly finds out about it and gets angry and tells his other girlfriend Anita to cut Nicky out of the cult, when she refuses and Nicky finds out that Anita and Sly are dating she wants to get revenge on Anita who forced her to join the cult in the first place and becomes the head of the cult when hell breaks loose and they are arrested by the police.
While watching this movie I kept feeling I had watched this movie before, then I realized I was watching the ending part of the movie, I had watched the first part, am still as disappointed as I was during the first part. Same old story I remember telling my sister that the storyline was the same as another Nollywood story we watched years back, same old story no change same guy in the university who is the head of a cult and falls in love with a jambite who is friends with the queen of another cult who is dating her boyfriend and they fight and kill themselves or go to jail, and their parents are always influential. I am sorry for saying this but in Nollywood we don’t know how to tell stories, this story would have been done in another way and would have been very interesting, we always get carried away with the action part that always ends up being crap. Make up was bad the ladies carried the same hair from the beginning of the movie till the end of the movie, no change in styling, no change in hair and I was angry when Nicky who was supposedly beaten to a pulp came home with fresh makeup after suffering in the hands of these bad girls. Effects were at average and there were so many scenes in this movie that wasn’t necessary, the kissing scene between Anita and Colombo was so fake one could clearly see there was no kissing, they should have cut out the kissing path if they knew they couldn’t do it. And for the actors some were good, some were bad, I didn’t enjoy this movie at all I believe they could have them better.
I rate this movie 40%
Cast: Amaechi Monagor, Francis Odega, Uche Elendu, Funke Akindele, Longinus Anokwute, Sophia Wilfred, Zilly Gabriel Tettey and Kingsley Peters

Director: Ken Steve Anuka

Synopsis: Agbaja is tired of his two sons Sunday and Monday but is proud of his daughter Tuesday who is more responsible, he finds love with Ije Nwada and will do anything for her but his driver Sonko isn’t happy with it because he also likes Ije Nwada and tries to sabotage their relationship.
The truth is I didn’t enjoy the movie, the movie is supposed to be a comedy but I didn’t find funny, the story was dragging and I didn’t understand it until the end of the first CD even when I thought the second part will give me an idea it’s just more boring stories with the same boring but different scenes. I always say something if you create a character as an Igbo person who has a very strong Igbo accent find an actor or actress that can portray the character you have created not otherwise, someone that doesn’t have an accent and can’t fake one will never get it. Akpan Agbaga’s cook was supposed to be a Calabar man and I could tell from how he spoke that he wasn’t one. The story is supposed be about a man that found love with this Igbo girl that has ambitions and he would do anything for her but all I was seeing was something else. The actors did their job very well they were great but the story wasn’t well written and coordinated, if it had been this comedy would have been the bomb. There were some scenes in this movie that wasn’t necessary at all like when Agbaja sons hatched their plan. Costumes and makeup was nice but I think they should have worked on their story, it was really boring and seriously am not looking forward to watch the next part of this movie
I rate this movie 30%

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