Movie Review!Oyinkansola2,Olomo Kan,Titi Jeje and Game Master

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Reviewed by Esther Kokori

Cast: Toyin Aimakhu, Joke Jigan, Yomi Gold, Akin Lewis, Temitayo Adeniyi, Ayo Adesanya, Toyin Adewale and Shola Akintunde

Director: Okiki Afolayan

Synopsis: Oyinkansola finds out that reverend father Akinwande is her father and he tells her the story of how his mother sabotaged his relationship with Joy who is her mother, her fiancé than denies her pregnancy but later finds out he was wrong and later apologized to her she gave birth to a child and they were all happy.
The story focuses on Oyinkansola who was the daughter of the reverend father of an Anglican church, whom he had years ago with a woman named Joy he was very much in love with. His mother was quiet a controlling figure in his life because she actually forced him to go to the seminary and become a father. Liked the way the story was in the second part, it was good acting and coordination although I still had issues with this movie as much as I like a movie that has suspense but when you overdo it, it just ends up bad. There were parts were the movie was not adding up in fact I was like what was going on it ended up confusing me, it would have been nice if they had illustrated some things, for example Oyinkan and Jessica were supposedly pregnant at the same time, but Mayowa discovered that Jessica wasn’t pregnant and the next scene was where he was going to beg Oyinkan who was already nine months pregnant.
Actress Joke Jigan I could say she tried in the second part of the movie although I wished she had put in more effort, her facial expressions were quite confusing at times we didn’t know if she was happy or sad. Temitayo Adeniyi, Yomi Gold and Ayo Adesanya were superb at their roles although.
Make up was impressive in fact they did a wonderful job with the reverend’s mother who looked older than her son given the fact that the actress was almost the same age range as the reverend himself. The costumes were superb, I enjoyed the movie watched it till the end.
I rate this movie 70%
Reviewed by Esther Kokori

OLOMO KAN (2015)
Cast: Akin Lewis, Jaiye Kuti, Juwon Adewunmi, Oluwaseun Ayanbode, Temitope Akinwunmi, Rafiat Adewunmi, Olaitan Ibrahim, Azeezat Shorunmu.

Director: Titi Jeje

Synopsis: Eva (Juwon Adewunmi) is a spoiled child and doesn’t have respect for anyone including her parents Mr. and Mrs. Teniola (Akin Lewis and Jaiye Kuti), she treats people anyone how and insults her housemaids until she is put in her place and stricken with a strange illness, she was later told she had offended someone and needed to ask for forgiveness, she did and changed for good
The story was nice, it explained to us that parents should train their children else they become wayward and disrespectful; the director did a good job and big kudos to her.
Apart from the story focusing on Eva who was wayward and taught she had the world at her feet and that no one could correct her, there was the part about girls who meet random guys and just go out with them without knowing them, Eva’s friends were victims of men who were thieves instead of the prince charming they were expecting. I also liked how the story showed they were taught their lesson and the guys didn’t go unpunished.
The actors and actresses acted their part well Akin Lewis and Jaiye Kuti played their roles well, they really played the roles of parents that would do anything for their daughter, and I have to give it to Juwon Adewunmi she really acted the part of a disrespectful spoilt brat well.
Costumes were great, Makeup was nice too they really made the pressing iron injury on the back very real, I only had problems with the hair of her friends they carried the hair throughout the movie. All in all I enjoyed the movie although I wished it had a little action.
I rate this movie 70%
Cast: Toyin Aimakhu, Muyiwa Ademola, Afeez eniola, Ronke Odusanya, Wale Akorede, Bukola Awoyemi, Bimbo Akintola, Yinka Quadri, Adekola Tijani, Esther Kalejaiye.

Director: Muyiwa Ademola, Adebayo Tijani

Synopsis: Inioluwa (Toyin Aimakhu) loves her husband Iseoluwa (Muyiwa Ademola) to a fault, but she is always suspicious of him always nagging accusing him that he is unfaithful in their marriage, she goes extra mile to stop an illicit affair that didn’t exist between Iseoluwa and his secretary Dideoluwa, but she ends up hurting herself instead because of her jealousy
I loved this story, infact I over loved it, the story writer wrote a perfect story, the directors understood the story and directed the story so well and it was very beautiful.
The story shows us how women nag their husbands to the extent where they end up cheating on them, Inioluwa was a woman seeing things that weren’t there, she had a problem with her husnband’s secretary Dideoluwa because she felt since her husband liked women with big boobs and his secretary had big boobs her marriage was in trouble
I liked the way the movie started with her (inioluwa) beating the secretary and after fighting and proving that she was in charge, she almost broke down in tears it was there in her voice but she gathered herself and got angry again. Toyin Aimakhu really did a fantastic job, she acted liked the jealous wife really well. I also liked the part of Laredo (Afeez Eniola) I couldn’t help laughing, he acted his part very well and am sure if he was put on the streets it will blend, he did a perfect job. And Muyiwa Ademola played the loving, tired spouse very well, so goes for all the actors and actresses of this movie.
Make up was impressive, Costumes were okay, I only had problems with the interpretation, some of the interpretations were very wrong, especially those that the actors said in English and was translated in Yoruba. I enjoyed this movie very much and will totally recommend it to anyone in fact I can’t wait to watch the concluding part.
I rate this movie 85%
Reviewed by Esther Kokori

Cast: Antar Laniyan, Liz Anjorin, Femi Adebayo, Oluwaseyi Edun,

Director: Wale Ilebiyi

Synopsis: A young lady Damilola Coker (Oluwaseyi Edun) meets a rich man Chief Dickson (Antar Laniyan) who wanted to spoil her silly if only she would agree to be his wife, but she hatches a plan with her boyfriend Banji (Femi Adebayo) in order to con him out of his stupendous wealth. Everything seemed to go on as planned until they find out they weren’t smart enough and they have been outsmarted by the chief himself.
I enjoyed this movie, it was fun after fun and action after action, I was waiting to see what would happen next and it really made us understand how the human mind works when its devious and lazy.
The story was about a young lady who never intended to cheat on her boyfriend but due to the fact that he was greedy and wanted to get rich very quick, he decided to write a script on how to defraud a man who was genuinely interested in his girlfriend not knowing that he had known all about their plan all these while, I need to applaud the story writer and the director, it was a convincing job they did and I am really proud of them.
To the actors, they played their parts very well, from Antar laniyan to Liz Anjorin to Femi Adebayo who played the part of a con-artist very well, to Oluwaseyi Edun who was very good at pretending.
Costumes were good, make-up was nice too and I liked the fact that the film taught us little about how a film is produced, the mentioned scripts and make-up. I enjoyed the movie and really it teaches a lot of morals, I would totally recommend this movie to anyone.
I rate this movie 80%reviewreview1review2review3

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