Paul Obazele and Frank Dallas send thugs to Agn Office,Stakeholders behind ib

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Few Hours after the court rules to invalidate the Election Of Agn President Ibinabo fibersima,Former president of Association of Movie producers Paul Obazele and Frank dallas are said to have sent thugs to the office of Actorguild of Nigeria to seal it up in preparation for Emeka ike to resume duties but when words went around in the industry,Practioneers who were sympathetic to ibinabo stormed Agn office and chased them Away
Since yesterday ibinabo has been receiving solidarity calls and visits from top notch in the industry signifying their support for her and urging her to Appeal the case,Bon confirmed the development from Moji oyetayo the Association pr person.

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  1. oba

    March 17, 2015 at 10:09 PM

    she is bad mojo for the guild, enriching herself and her supporters, is she going to ignore a valid court order? she must go, her dats of ruthless leadership is ended, just like her sister and husband she wants to seat in tight holding on to this power she has bought with money at all cost but AGN say no, AGN AGN AGN!!! the show must go on.

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