Opinion! Ralph Nwadike Writes on why Nollywood Must Rally round Ibinabo

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We all woke up to a Monday of news that Ibinabo Fiberisima Egbuka, President of Actors Guild Of Nigeria (AGN) has been removed from office by a Lagos State Court order. Just a day after IB planned a world class interactive show with President Jonathan and the Nigerian Entertainment sector. Indeed most people were still talking about the show when we got the news.
Indeed, there has been a few arrow heads supposedly been used by the enemies of progress in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry to spoil a good thing. IB has done so much for Nollywood since she came on board about three years ago as the first female President of the respected guild, but like we all know , evil begets anything good happening to anyone; IB got a court order to vacate office for a retroactive case that had plagued the AGN about seven years ago, long before she even assumed office. A number of names have been put forward as those behind this new crises brewing in Nollywood,
Ralph Nwadike
and number one amongst them is Emeka Ike, a Nigerian actor, who had also done well for himself; rising from just a cameo role when he first acted in my rested soap opera Fortunes. Ironically, IB whom Emeka has been used by some evil elements in the society to fight also birthed her first acting role in my Movie Most Wanted. IB has used her personal funds and contact to better the lots of the guild, while also breaking grounds for the growth and development of her guild. We should desist from the pull me down syndrome that had plagued our industry for too long. Just when something good appears on the horizon for our industry, someone, or something tries to to kill it. I will act like a good father at this time, without casting too much blame on Emeka Ike, until l hear from him; my advice at this time though will be for everyone to keep the status quo. That the court gave an order for IB to vacate office, doesn’t mean she will be rushed out of office like l heard some people came to the AGN office, and in her absence forced a lock on the office door. The same law that said she should leave office, also gave her rights of appeal which her lawyers had done for her today, and she has a minimum of 90 days to fight that out in the law courts.
At this time, my advice as a leader in the Industry is for all to respect the rights of each individual. IB must not be rushed out of the office, as the law is also on her side. Those who are seeking the office of the President of Actors Guild of Nigeria should do so by putting their popularity to test through the ballot box, as enshrined in the constitution of the guild.
Also, I believe that there can’t be a vacuum in that guild. The law empowers her to continue to function as President until the appellate court rules otherwise. We must learn to support our leaders, so they can do more for our collective. IB has done well for Nollywood, and so must be supported by all people of goodwill in this her trying time. At the same time, l wish to warn that those planning on her fall are only engaging in a plot to no where, as IB is tested and trusted by the guild members to continue as the President of her guild until the same court gives a final NO.

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