Movie Review MafianBullet and Sister Gabriella

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Cast: Emmanuel Ehumadu, Sylvester Madu, Junior Pope, Angela Okorie, Emmanuel Odeli, Jerry Williams, Kelvin Nuvo, Ugo Doris

Director: Okechukwu Ifeanyi

Synopsis: Koko (Angela Okorie) is an armed robber, she was with a gang she stole their money killing some of her gang member and started stealing alone, she later finds a man who falls in love with her so deeply until her past starts ruining her relationship.
I wished this movie would have had another title because the movie titled made me believe this movie would have been all about the mafia but well I can’t judge much because I haven’t watched the second part of this movie. But please as much as we want to make our movies Nigerian inspired, we should try to make it look real, Angela Okorie is a great actress but I know she would have done better than what she acted in the movie, the film was dragging a bit, the story line was okay but the thing is the first part of this movie makes me confused I look at the cast list and I know there is more to this story would have liked if it was hinted in the first part, the only hint we had was where she remembered when she killed someone that was all. I appreciated the fact that they were trying to illustrate with action filled scenes but it was looking boring after a while, as usual you would know the next thing she would do was steal. The director did a good job, make-up and costumes were okay. All in all this movie was okay it was interesting to watch. Waiting to watch the other part
I rate this movie 60%


Cast: Nkem Owoh, Queen Nwokoye, Don Munagor, Jane Obi, Odinaka Mbadiugha, Nkechi Nnaji, Jane Obi Francis

Director: Daniel Chukwueze

Synopsis: Sister Gabriella is the trouble of the village, everyone fears her and her father is tired of her trouble until her late mother’s sister came to the village and dragged her to the convent, even at the convent she is trouble.
This movie wasn’t that funny, although I didn’t see the comic side of this movie I could see the realistic side of the movie, I liked the story line it was beautiful. Gabriella’s father was incapacitated and her elder brother blind, her family was having issues and the only way she could avoid being ridiculed or laughed at was to have a tough skin, she was stubborn and could confront everyone infact the villagers were afraid of her, she even fought her family but always stood for what was right, until she was dragged to the convent where she didn’t want to be in the first place. Queen Nwokoye was awesome in her part and very articulate but where this story gave me a start was the twist where Nkem Owoh came into this scene her brother who wasn’t around during all this suffering and showed up with a wife and plenty children, that part was a bit funny. The director and writer did their job well; I couldn’t help but want to see the next part of this movie.
I rate this movie 75%posterrposterrr

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