Movie Review!WHILE YOU SLEPT (2015)

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Cast: Ini Edo, Venita Akpofure, Joseph Benjamin, Micheal Bobby

Director: Desmond Elliot

Synopsis: Amaka Okoro and her husband loved each other so much until he died suspiciously, after the burial another woman shows up claiming to be her husband’s Emeka Okoro other wife, Amaka doesn’t believe what Najite Brown says and investigate the matter finding out the truth.
I was at the premier, at least one of the people to view the movie to criticize of course, and I could see how the producer of this movie and the lead actress Ini Edo wanted to get people’s reaction on the movie.
This movie was beautifully scripted, nicely worded, awesomely shot and I am out of words to describe this movie. The story line was unique, straight to the point story, didn’t drag at all, we didn’t need to see unnecessary scenes all the scenes were clues that would lead to the end of the movie.
The director of this movie as usual did an awesome job, desmond Elliot always does it well. The story was about Amaka Okoro who was hit with this woman claiming to be her husband second wife, facts were not adding up and she didn’t even believe this woman, because her husband was not that perfect that he could have hidden such an affair for a very long time, she was between believing that her husband did it or protecting her husband name, she was almost crazy was even sent to a mental home because of it but at the end of the day, she proved herself right and even found love on the way.
Ini Edo was marvelous as usual, she really is a great actress she was on point, one could see the emotions on her face as if it was really happening to her, you could tell she was genuinely acting and was immersed in her role as Amaka. The other surprise was Venita Akpofure, I have never seen her act before but really she is a pro at what she does, she is a talented actress, beautiful acting as Najite Brown. But all this still goes to the story writer and the director who wrote the script and directed the movie. Make –up and costumes were perfect, I could keep talking about this film because it was awesome, really awesome movie, please go and watch this movie in the cinema, it is a must watch.

I rate this movie 95%

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