Ruth Kadiri Releases statement and Pictures for Birthday,says Uche jombo influenced her career

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Young and beautiful actress, Ruth Kadiri is marking her birthday with heart of gratitude. The Edo State born actress and producer in a statement to the media is thanking everyone that has played a part in her journey so far. ‘The story of my life couldn’t have been told without certain people’ she said.

‘My life has followed a path, I’ve lived, loved, hurt and had modest achievements. Truth is a Ruth KADIRI’s story couldn’t have been told without certain people’.

I am grateful to God, truth is, he’s been faithful; despite my imperfection he loves me. I am immensely grateful to my mum; words cannot express all you have been through for me, thank you. I appreciate my dad as well. Notice I separated it? It’s been here and there, but he’s still been there for me as a father and I am celebrating this birthday with him’

Speaking further, the fair-skin actress also appreciated those who are not immediate family members.’ I appreciate my boyfriend, he supports my career, overlook all the gossips and has shown me definition of love. There is also Mama Amenawon, my prayer partner. Without u, I wonder where I would have been spiritually’.
‘Uche Jombo, because of you, I can proudly say I’m a filmmaker and every time I have troubles and call, you’ve never let me down. Thanks Uche. Sarah Kadiri, you were there when I was nothing and you are still here. How amazing can that be? Chika, you are amazing, you show me a friend who can put up with my issues and keep secrets. To my fans and well wishers, you have supported me, am eternally grateful. And finally to my haters and betrayers (those friends I showed love who turn out to betray me), I have no regret ever meeting you. And I bless God that I am still here today. Happy Birthday Day to me, thank you all’.

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