Real Reasons Kunle Afolayan behind Controversial Tweets as Gabosky comes to his Defence

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Last week might not have been a favourite one for a Nollywood star and multiple awards winner, Kunle Afolayan, as many of his fans lashed out insults to him via social media accusing him of tribalism. The fans were reacting to a twitter comment by Kunle Afolayan, where he had linked the piracy of Nigerian movies, including his own new movie, ‘OCTOBER, 1’, to the Igbos. This twitter comment had actually led many to wonder if truly or not there is an element of tribalism in Kunle Afolayan or not as far as the content of the twitter comment is concerned.
Ideally, one would have expected that the true fans of Kunle Afolayan would have firstly found out the reasons for the said twitter comment before jumping into conclusion of insulting and attacking his personality. However, the humble Nigerian actor recognizes the fact that he remains relevant in the film industry due to the massive and usual support of his fans, hence he took his time to apologize to any of his fans that might have found one or two things wrong in the controversial twitter comment. A critical look at some of the points noted by the popular filmmaker and distributor, Mr. Gabriel Okoye, aka Gabosky, while reacting to the unfair molestation of his client, Kunle Afolayan, by some stakeholders of the film industry would make one to reasonably conclude that Kunle Afolayan is not a tribalist, but that he was just being realistic and open-minded in his twitter comment.
Gabriel Okoye had, on Thursday, corroborated the controversial twitter comment of Kunle Afolayan by noting that 99% of pirates are Igbos. Gabosky observed that truly the piracy of film and music works is majorly the handiwork of Igbo traders at Alaba International Market, Lagos. He stressed further that he has lost about four hundred and fifty million naira (#450, 000000) to the activities of pirates, while also acknowledging the fact that Kunle Afolayan, just like himself, is just bitter and frustrated about this uncontrolled criminal activities as well as his loss. “When I went into Ubakason Plaza and Obozi Plaza, the den of these pirates, 99% of the people that are trading there are Igbos,” Mr. Okoye noted. “So I don’t know why you just want to take criminality and start joining it with politics. A criminal is a criminal and should be pronounced a criminal, whether he is a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa,” he concluded.
Indeed, piracy in Nigeria is now at its highest peak to the extent that some big men and personalities in our society embrace it fully as their source of income. This is quite unfortunate and unproductive for our dear Nigerian actors and actress, artistes and our entertainment industry at large. This criminality is supposed to be condemned by all concerned Nigerians, especially fans, who derive so much pleasure and gain a lot from our filmmakers and musicians. It is not for us to condemn or label our artistes bad whenever they are trying to let us know the pain they are experience and the loss they suffer as a result of piracy.
For those that might not be aware, it is pertinent to put on record that this humble and great talent filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, had actually borrowed more than One hundred and fifty million naira (#150, 000000) to produce a film titled, OCTOBER 1, and he is yet to make any reasonable amount from it. However, the so called criminals otherwise known as PIRATES have already pirated the work and are making illegal money from it. This explained the reason for the so called twitter comment of Kunle Afolayan. Kunle Afolayan has never been a tribalist, and never would he be one. He was just trying to share his pain and disappointment with his fans – loved ones. Kunle is someone who holds his fans and Nigerians in general in high esteem. To him, his fans are some of the reasons for his success.
Frankly speaking, Kunle Afolayan strongly believes that sharing his plight with his fans and Nigerians will aid various efforts being made to curbing and eradicating piracy in Nigeria. In his words, Gabosky noted, “Kunle is showcasing his frustration, telling everybody, ‘look at what I am facing.’ And nobody is addressing him and asking him, what are you facing?”
It is quite ridiculous and ironical for anyone to conclude that Kunle Afolayan is a tribalist. This is far from the truth bearing in mind that his new film, OCTOBER 1, was handed over to an Igbo man popularly known as Gabosky for distribution. “The film is being pirated. And I went round the whole country and found out that the films are being pirated and I started compiling names. And I tell you, the names that I compiled; there is no Yoruba name on that list. They are all Igbos and I have the list,” the man himself, Gabosky, noted.
For the above noted points, it would be reasonable enough for all fans of Nigerian Film and Music Industry to see Kunle Afolayan as a victim of piracy, and therefore should be kind enough to share in his pain. In the same vein, it would be ideal and reasonable for fans whose minds are great, and who had previously insulted Kunle Afolayan on the subject matter, to tender unreserved apology to Kunle. Doing so will go a long way in boosting the morale of Kunle Afolayan as well as boosting the trust and respect he has for his fans. Remember, Kunle has already accepted the blames and insults warmly by apologizing to you all. Respect, they say, is reciprocal. If truly it is, then the previously aggrieved fans should also reciprocate the respect Kunle Afolayan has for them.

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