I smile a lot most time male admirers get wrong signals thinking i am leading them on -QUEENETH AGBOR

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In just three years of her foray into the Nigerian movie industry, Queeneth Agbor can no longer be referred to as a green horn as she has carved a niche for herself as a flawless role interpreter. In this juicy interview with BONONLINE the Akamakpa local government of cross river state born actress bears it all on her journey so far and dreams for Nollywood. Enjoy this excerpts from the interview:
BONONLINE: If you were not an actress what would you be doing?
QUEENETH: Actually I studied Micro biology from the UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR, before then I was schooling at Madonna University where I was studying Medicine but I left there because the course was not accredited. All those years acting has always been a part of me and everyone around me knew it. Infact when I finally came into the industry, my grandmother said finally Queen has gone to where she belongs.
BONONLINE: The transition from MICRO-BIOLOGY being a pure sciences course to the Arts, does that mean while you were you science student you loved Arts courses.
QUEENETH: (Chuckles) Interesting enough, I never liked Arts courses, loved science subjects. But then as a child I could argue for Africa, so some members of my family felt I would do well as a lawyer. But trust me I couldn’t stand subjects like Government, Commerce and so on.
BONONLNE: How did you find your way into Nollywood?.
QUEENETH: Well actually I came into Nollywood through an Acting school that is Royal Arts Academy, I took a 3 months course in Acting there. After graduation from UNICAL my parents told me if I really wanted to take up acting professionally, then I have to give it all it takes. Even though I had always been a gifted actor as a kid participating in church stage drama and all that, I knew next to nothing about being a professional actor and facing the camera. So I had to relocate from Calabar to Lagos, that was the beginning of the journey for me.
BONONLINE: Having experienced both stage drama and film, which of these genres would you say is more challenging for an actor?
QUEENETH: Well I would not describe what I did in church plays as professional stage performance, I have only had professional experience with motion picture but I hope to be a part of a professional stage production when the opportunity arises.
BONONLINE: What do you think stands you out from your peers in the industry holding to the fact that the industry is saturated with lots of green horn.
QUEENETH: You know the fact is everyone can act but then what stands me out is that I have mastered my game, I am definitely good at what I do. You know I can bring out tears effortlessly. Whenever I want to, really I’m just good at what I do and that’s it.
BONONLINE: How do you handle male fans and admirers?
QUEENETH: Well weather you are in the entertainment industry or not, as long as you are a lady, you will always have admirers but for me its normal i know when to draw the line, because i smile a lot most time male admirers get wrong signals thinking i am leading them on. I just know where to put a full stop.
BONONLINE: What have you been up to right now?
QUEENETH: I’ve been working, in fact I’m currently working on the set of a series called ‘CHANGES’, I’m free on set today that was why I decided to fix this interview for today. It’s an interesting role I’m taking where I have to be a bitch; I wouldn’t want to say much about the series now until the time is ripe.
BONONLINE: Who are your role models?
QUEENETH: For my role models, Mercy Johnson has always been my number one, and then Ini Edo; of course you should expect that because she is from my place and I also love the industry mummy Joke Silva. And in Hollywood, Angelina Jolly because she switches role easily.
BONONLINE: Apart from acting, what other areas of the industry fascinates you?
QUEENETH: I’m seriously looking at producing, but that would be much later in the course of my career. For now I am concentrating on acting, I don’t want to mix things up.




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    April 18, 2015 at 7:22 AM

    Nice,pretty Gurl…..

  2. fiona

    April 20, 2015 at 7:21 PM

    I thank God 4 Queeneth,since acting has been part of her and she loves it,i see her going higher and higher and making her fans so proud of her.

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