Movie Review!Sandra my Daughter,30minutes from hell,Blind Generation and Oshnmiri

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Reviewed by Esther Kokori

Cast: Zack Orji, Chinwe Owoh, Eve Esin, Ebere Okaro, Zubby Micheals, Harry B and South Anthony.

Director: Nonso Emekaekwue

Synopsis: Francis lost his wife to a very strange illness and got married to another woman who started experiencing strange things and accused his daughter of being a witch, he ends up getting his daughter blind and realizes that he is actually the cause of their problems.
The story was nice and well written although I would have liked if some scenes were cut out. The story is about a man whose family are going through tough times, wife is sick and dies and he is asked to marry another wife which he does and the second wife goes through spiritual torture losing her pregnancies and started accusing the daughter he had with his first wife of being an ogbanje, they end up beating the young girl and making her blind and later finds out that the man himself is responsible for the families calamity and they do some restitution and Sandra regains her sight and they leave happily ever after. Now as I have said earlier it was a good story but there were a lot of unnecessary scenes for example the policemen scene where they were talking was so irrelevant, it wasn’t even a brilliant idea at all, that part should have been scrapped out of the movie, followed closely by Sandra playing on the street alone there were a lot of scenes showing that she was happy in the village already it wasn’t needed. There were a lot of scenes that wasn’t realistic and adding up a doctor that has been working all day in the hospital sees his nurse and asks her how she is, the policeman that Francis went to report his missing daughter was acting like a clown, there were some confusing scenes the sister of the girl Francis knocked down called her Ifunnaya but when the parents came they were calling her Ujunwa that should have been checked, the director took great shots, I applaud him for that. Costumes were very great, went with the story costumier did a very good job but I had problems with the make-up and I think the problem also had to do with the continuity team, Zack Orji was suffering according to the story but he had a clean shaved beard and his head hair was dyed in some parts it was not, then some part it was dyed big issue there. Sound and lighting was at medium no unnecessary shadows, no echoes too. The movie was a good movie apart from the obvious issues it had I liked it.
I rate this movie 65%
Reviewed by Esther Kokori

30 MINUTES FROM HELL 1&2(2015)
Cast: Clems Ohameze, Eve Esin, Charles Awurum, Kingsley Ogbonna, Mesmith Ochendu, Noni Igboanugbo

Director: Amayo Uzo Philips

Synopsis: Ude a rich man dies and is about to be buried by his family only for him to stand up from his coffin as his procession is being carried out and starts disappearing complaining that his people didn’t want to bury him, he finally buries himself and family members troubles his wife Susan for his properties.
I am African and have to believe in the supernatural, so I can’t rule out that what the movie is about happens, but what I don’t appreciate is the bad acting that took place in this movie. It was like they were being forced to act; now a part of this movie wasn’t realistic at all, for example people talking to a ghost and even when they realized it was a ghost they were still talking it’s really not real. People talking to a dead person disappearing and you don’t get scared or run, you only run when he disappears again. We don’t even know if when he was in the grave he was covered with sand or not, then the next scene is where I see the family trying to share his properties. I understand this movie was made to be a comedy, but a lot of unrealistic things were added. The director should have taken notes of these things and scrapped some scenes. I loved the fact that costumier picked Ankara that made it looked like a real burial ceremony. And the lighting was quite bad I could see some shadows in the background, make up was okay at the minimum. All in all I enjoyed the movie it was a little bit funny, would have loved if they made progress because at the end of the movie I didn’t even get where it was going.

I rate this movie 50%

Reviewed by Esther Kokori

Cast: Nkem Owoh, Nkem Ike, Ngozi Ezeonu, Uche Elendu, Dom Onu, Onwa, Stephen .E. Odimgbe, Uche Ebore, Ngozi Agbalaka

Director: Uzee Mmadubogwu

Synopsis: Mama Lotana (Ngozi Ezeonu) started trouble in the family by tying palm fronds on the ukwa/ukpa (breadfruit) tree, her brother in law and his wife tried solving the issue but all to no avail so they cut down the palm frond and took some breadfruit that had fallen, she goes blind as a result and her son dies and calamity befalls the whole family.
This movie was dragging and a little bit boring, they had a good story but would have been nice if it was told another way. The story is about a very troublesome woman mama lotana who is fighting everyone for a breadfruit tree that has been in the family farm for years and because of her trouble she ends up putting the whole family in trouble. The first scene in this movie was where Nkem Owoh a blind man was telling a lady who befriended him a story about his brother and then there was flashback and the story was being told. But I was bored, they were just fighting about ukpa/ukwa, no new thing, no new twist nothing just something predictable that everyone could actually perceive. There were a lot of unnecessary scenes, when the other woman got blind everyone was just visiting, I think it was added to the movie to prolong the movie, the thing is at the end of this movie I didn’t know how the generation got blind except the fact that they tied palm fronds round an Ukpa tree and they didn’t tell us what it means. I had problems with the casting most of these families’ children were all looking the same age, except the guys and one of the sisters. The lightening was okay costumes and make up too, had problems with some shots taken by the director, this movie was quite boring and I didn’t enjoy it.
I rate this movie 40%
Reviwed by Esther Kokori

Cast: Queen Nwokoye, Eve Esin, Ebere Okaro, Zubby Micheal, Harry B and South Anthony

Director: Nonso Emekaekwue

Synopsis: the high priestess of Agajelu village warns the king that the evil child born by his brother’s wife would cause plague and death in the community if she is allowed to live, but the king is stubborn and sends the child away to a land far away, years later she comes back to the village and starts causing havoc in the village.
I love this story, I love the director of this movie, and I love the script writer. The camera told the story of this movie on its own, the director did a great job, and he was able to interpret some part of this story without words but with pictures. The effects of this movie wasn’t perfect but was almost perfect beautiful effects the snakes real, I have to give make-up a round of applause for what they did, I mean the make-up was flawless and beautiful especially the cosy’s own. The movie was scripted and shot in a way that it was suspense filled, action after action, props were good but there were little issues here and there in the movie, for the new born babies that were born in the village, a modern baby shawl was used to carry them instead of wrapper used in the old days, also the priestess was young when the baby was born and she was made to look old, but the king wasn’t touched he still looked the same way even as at the child had grown into a woman and the kosi the priestess died old. It would have been nice if there was indication that the child was sent away and was not killed, because few scenes later she had already grown. When Ujunwa the wicked child who became a priestess came back to the village and caused rain to fall, the ground wasn’t wet at all and it was very easy to notice that. And there was also the use of words that were used in this movie that wasn’t supposed to be used like PUFF PUFF and KOBO this was the old days no one knew what puff puff was and there was no kobo then, few scenes here and there weren’t necessary for example the betting scene, it could have been done in the wrestling ground. The lightining was good, it was okay but then there was an echo in the river when Ujunwa was angry I could hear the sounds of somebody talking underneath and also the place where she cut the young man’s penis it was obvious it was on the cloth he was wearing. All in all I enjoyed this movie loved it in fact looking forward to watch the three and four of this movie.
I rate this movie 80%

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