Why Elizabeth Daniels’s Folly is a must watch Movie

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FOLLY (2014)
Cast: Joke Silva, Uche Jombo, Yvonne Nelson, Belinda Effah, Joseph Benjamin and Alex Ekubo
Director: Alex Mouth

Synopsis: Rhoda has a perfect life until recklessness turns her world upside down. Almost thirty years later, on the verge of drinking herself to death she is jolted back to her senses as she races against time to stop an ugly incident from repeating itself.
There were parts of this movie that needed some corrections, putting veteran actress Joke Silva in such a role that does her no Justice. She was like a mad woman in the movie, a woman who had to wake up to realize her daughter’s marriage was in trouble and tell the story that happened three decades back. She explained towards the end of the movie that she wanted very much to live and see her daughter wed her heartthrob but it didn’t give any indication that was what she was doing.
The story line was superb but the acting was wacky, with unnecessary romantic scenes displayed by Alex Ekubo and Belinda Effah, I loved the fact that a little comedy was being added to it but in the face of serious circumstances didn’t think that was necessary. It was like the actors were all jerky and were forced to act the movie. I wondered if the guy who was the manager of the hotel can work in any hotel in real life because of his hair, it was not really realistic because in a corporate world it doesn’t work that way and the hotel staff, the lady who supplied Rhoda with Alcohol what was she wearing, she looked more like a whore instead of a hotel staff.
Seeing Uche Jombo in the role as the younger Rhoda made me give the makeup artist a thumb up because she actually looked like the older Rhoda (Joke-Silva) but when she began acting it was like she was bored with the script and was forced to act the part. Towards the ending part of the movie where the young lady that is the hotel staff who helped Rhoda get a new dress was looking at the vehicle I was like what was going on but when the story played itself out and I noticed the lady saved Rhoda from dying I decided it was a very good story line. Costumes and make up were perfect especially the old school part of it, lightening and sound were okay although it was obvious that the fire wasn’t really burning the house, but it was a little convincing.
Although I would have preferred the Déjà vu feeling or action more pronounced than it was in the movie and maybe have preferred if the actors would have put life in the movie I think FOLLY has a very good story line and would have been a great hit if the problems above were carefully looked through and observed before premiering.
All in all despite the few problems as I might call it Folly is a great movie with an intense story line that would interest you and would be worth your while if you ignore the problems I outlined.
I rate this movie 85%

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