Exclusive! Trouble as Olasco and Sharafa Olabode Fight Over Movie Copyright

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There has been an ongoing feud and war of words between celebrated Yoruba movie Marketer Alhaji Ola Balogun, Sharafadeen Olabode one of his producers and one Mr. Afeez Olalekan over the ownership and unlawful release of a movie titled “ALAAFIN O SE RIFIN”. The story which is said to be centered around the Oyo empire and the Alaafin of Oyo was released to the market on Monday 20th, April by Olasco Films. Since then the self-styled producer of the Movie “Sharafadeen Olabode” has since pressed charges and his lawyer issuing a court notice to Olasco Films for unlawfully releasing his work without his knowledge. Sharafadeen has threatened to lock up the editor of the film (Adedayo Opeyemi) as he is considered a prime suspect, in a bid to unravel the person who released the final cut to the marketer.
The editor has this to say; “I visited the location to capture the rushes of the job, and I started editing. By the time I finished editing, I called Mr. Sharafadeen to tell him I was done, he took about a month before he came for it. By this time it was still a pre-master because we have not added the credits and sub-title. He told me he wants to sell the film to Ibaka TV for Online upload and also to DSTV, so I should work on the final touches, which I did. I gave him the Master, and he took there. He later called me that I should follow him to Lagos that they couldn’t play it because I rendered it in a way that it cannot be played from Windows Media except VLC and other new Video Apps. I went there with him and opened it for them. I left there and went to Akure for another Job. Later he called me that he wants to cut the trailer for DSTV. All this happened this year, not long ago somebody called him (Sharafadeen) and told him his new film is being mass dubbed by OLASCO…To my surprise he called me last night (Thursday) that I was the one that released the master copy to Olasco and he is going to get me arrested”
When Alhaji Olajide Balogun CEO Olasco Films was contacted this is what he has to say;
“I am happy you called me on this issue, infact it is the same case we are deliberating on at the moment. I know Sharafadeen Olabode he is my producer, he has produced more than 7 movies for me. I do not know Afeez Olalekan (the rightful producer) ad-initio, it was Sharafa that called me and told me he has a friend who has a good story and he wants me to put money on the job. It was Sharafa that introduced Afeez Olalekan (THE PRODUCER) to me. On December 29th 2014, they called me that they are stranded already on location, and that they need N300,000. I asked them let me know before I give you the money how much are you selling the movie for me and they said #1,000,000 and I asked again, when I’m I getting the Master tape, they said unfailingly I will get it by May/June 2014. When we entered May, I called them that I want to start running the promo and the market is spoiling every day. He said I should please be patient with them that they are planning to lunch the film at the palace of Alaafin Of Oyo, and that Alaafin has given them a date in October for the lunch. I told them they are affecting me with their arrangement and if it exceeds October I won’t buy it at N1,000,000 (One Million Naira) anymore as initially agreed. Afeez called me again, and told me they need N100,000 (One Hundred thousand Naira) to perfect other things for the lunch. I told him to come and see me. Afeez came and I told him to sign an undertaken that if I do not get the master tape on or before November 1, I will release the Preview copy with me and Afeez agreed and signed. After signing, I gave him a cheque of N100,000…Up till now I did not get the Master copy from Sharafa, so I decided to release the Preview copy I have with me on Monday…His Lawyer has served me papers already, and we will respond accordingly when the time comes.” The marketer ends his remarks.
We contacted the embattle producer Mr. Afeez Olalekan who spoke to us in typical Oyo dialect “I am the Producer of my film, Sharafadeen Olabode only introduced me to Olasco and he did the Screenplay of the story. So i gave him the title “Packaged by Sharafadeen Olabode” i am the Producer and Alhaji Alhaji Ola Balogun is the Co-Producer.”
When we Contacted Mr. Sharafadeen Olabode, he said he doesn’t have anything to say on the issue.

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