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Sultry Nigerian Actress Omoni Oboli took to her blog ( to write a speical ‘thank you’ note to show gratitude to friends, colleagues, fans and family members who stood by her, sent gifts and wished her well as she turned another year on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

She wrote “How do I begin to say THANK YOU? The love that you showed me yesterday was mind blowing! I started my day out of town. The hotel woke me up with roses and a cake which I ended up sharing with the front office staff when I was checking out cos I couldn’t carry it with me. I was shocked they knew it was my birthday. I was more taken aback when I got on social media and saw thousands of messages. If I didn’t personally say thank you to you, please accept my apologies and accept this as a heart felt thank you! The messages were A LOT!

Thanks to my #MCE Hubby of life @nnamdioboli for pulling off a perfect surprise dinner last night! He told me it was a romantic dinner ‘as usual’. I had to take my luggage with me to my last meeting. I got off the plane and went straight there to meet him (without make up! Yikes!!!) When I saw Tara of House of Tara, I quickly asked if she had lipstick. She laughed and said I was vain. I was shocked out of my mind to see so many people, some of which had spoken to me earlier in the day and didn’t give anything off. It was a beautiful evening! I have always loved the HOT POT restaurant at Oriental and it was nice sharing the experience with my friends and family. Of course comedians Alibaba and Mc Abbey didn’t find it funny! Lol. Alibaba asked the MD if they were short of chefs, that’s why they had us cook our own dinner. I believe everyone had a good time, I certainly did!
omoni 16cake

Thanks once again to everyone that honored my husband’s invitation to ‘surprise’ me. Thanks to my hard working assistant Tomi for helping Nnamdi put it together. Thanks to my boys for the beautiful custom made cards and cake. I love you to the moon and back! Special thanks once again to my social media family, my special #omonifam you guys rock MAJORLY! Thanks for being there for me! My day was BEAUTIFUL because of all of you! I am blessed!”

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