Movie Review!Oja and Inioluwa 2

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by Esther Kokoriojainio
OJA (2015)
Cast: Funsho Adeolu, Damola Olatunji, Ladi Folarin, Tayo Shobola, Tayo Adeniyi

Director: Funsho Adeolu

Synopsis: Tiana a runs girl who works with a club was dropped in a remote area in the middle of the night by her angry boyfriend, she witnessed a shootout and stumbles on a huge amount of cocaine, instead of taking the cocaine to the police she hides it and starts looking for buyers and the owners of the cocaine starts looking for her killing a lot of people in the process and ends up being caught by the police
The truth is I felt the story writer would have written a better story, it wasn’t even coordinated at all, I think when we are dealing with stories about mafia and cartels there is a way we draft the story because a cartel that has been running for years has a way they have been operating under wraps. For a cartel that has run successfully for years how do you now want to get your stolen cocaine back and start killing people up and down and leave a trail for the police to follow, and someone that is a trained killer asking the club manager for the number of one of his girls when you have already killed her boyfriend.
The acting was bad, except for a few actors and actresses who were very good, the rest were just acting rubbish and especially the don of this movie, he was just acting like he was been told to act under duress like the director was breathing in his back to do it this way or this way, he was jerking and just acted his part really bad, they should have casted someone else for his role, someone with agility, calm and devilish.
I really appreciate that they tried with the effects, but there were still parts of this film that it was totally not it, the shootout scene were Tiana was hiding people were just falling down no blood from gunshots or indication that they were shot plus the scene where the police crept in on them and shot one of their henchmen as soon as he fell into the water blood covered everywhere, please people watching these films are not stupid, they know how it goes. The police delegated people to watch these girls after Bose their colleague was killed, and the next scene I could see that the guy taking people’s dustbin was an informant it was so obvious, I was like seriously was this even needed to be seen.
Make up was okay, Costumes were okay but there was repetition in costumes, lighting and sound was at a minimum because at some point I didn’t hear what was being said.
I rate this movie 45%

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