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Seunmanuel Faleye

Following the bizarre dress popular Yoruba Actress Oluwaseyi Esther Ariyo a.k.a She Baby wore to the movie premiere of Tayo Odueke yesterday Sunday, April 26, the social media has gone agog with several opinions and comments trialing the dress sense of this light skinned entertainer. Enjoy some of these comments…

“This is so Hilarious…Another PR stunt i guess but what are all these “Sinking” entertainers trying to pull off with awkward ideas lately in i guess she is mentally worried because anyone in his/her right thinking senses wont go this far. She looks like an Oshodi local gin seller…Days back it was about secondary virginity…O sumi mi o ” –@ademolamoreklue

“@wale dress is complete disaster,he baby needs help and i hear she is a mother”Susan

“@all morn o, woke up to she baby premiere red carpet dress and can’t wait for Mr. Arogundade take on the dress”.Wale

I that really she baby??? I thought she gave her life to Christ in CMCM church one day like dat…She needs help o”…-S’Ebony KluxPrints

“Devil has taken back the life firmly”Niyi

“@all Jesus you mean to say that she baby went to that event that way, this is then work of witches” -Funke

“@Funke, that’s what we say here, real witches in manipulation! That dressing is unacceptable . Its time our people know some dressings are not right for their body types or for public event. If you dont know how to dress, get a personal stylist to help!” – Bridget

She baby is getting all the attention she set out to get by pple discussing her and the ‘so call crazy outfit’ if you ask pretending she wasn’t @ party is the best medicine for her”Regina

This girl called she baby is a principality”.- Sunday Adebayo

When a lady have climbed bed with different types if men, she can never have respect for her own body in public place….na advert she dey do am available.”Adeyanju

“@Funke u should b ashamed of yourself for calling She baby cultural attire work of the witches. Maybe Funke is a witch too for her to know the clothes she baby wore are work of witches. If Funke and co. are not ok with her dressing, they should buy her clothes to wear or knock their heads on rocks. Good morning to all who think positive about their neighbors”. THEO 272B79c2

she baby use it

“@all, to me i think to she baby, there’s nothing wrong in the dress. Have known her for years and that’s the way she dresses from time. I’m not sure this is because of the premiere. She’s a free woman who is used to dressing that way I like she baby because she’s lively and respectful. By the time you have an encounter with her, you wont even look at her dressing but her nice gestures towards you”- Victoria

“@Theo may your sister and daughters be blessed with such clothes.” – Funke

Just saw the pictures. Her purpose is for attention and she has succeeded by this discussion and others. Like the absurd dress code “mummy”. All na publicity stunts. Good day all.” -Phemmy

@Funke your words shows u are not matured. U are a cheap lay. Who made a cloth normal or abnormal? We (u & I). I believe u are the type that wore “topless and see me through clothes with dirty stretch marks around your private house. Good morning to those who respect themselves.THEO 272B79c2

@Theo your words don’t  affect me a bit because i dress respectably all the time, i am not a saint but i try to live by God’s words but as for you, you are wicked to want the cloth on someone else but not your sisters or daughters that means were dun wo, i will continue to pray for you and she baby you both need help.Funke

At the end of the day, Theo and Funke will go for a make-up date”…-Akanni Ola Balogun

@Theo for u 2 talk 2 funke like that shows who are n what u’re capable of doing 2 women, too bad!Ngozi Nwosu

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  1. Temmy

    May 4, 2015 at 7:12 PM

    To me…This doesn’t speak well of a responsible lady and child of God even the Bible says our body is the temple of God……we ladies need to dress well….. Our dressing can tell who we are….. No matter what!!!!

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