AMAKA IGWE: One Year Down Memory Lane

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April 28, 2014 will not be easily forgotten by members of the Nollywood family, as a pall of gloom was cast on the nation’s movie industry; that was the day the cold hands of death snatched away Iconic writer, producer, and Director of repute Late Amaka Igwe from her Family, Friends and Fans.

A visionary and pioneer of modern Nigerian TV drama and movie production, she made giant strides and played numerous roles in the television sector, as well as in the reform of the modern day Nigerian Film industry now christened Nollywood.

Some of her ever green jobs include productions such as Fuji’s House of Commotion, Checkmate Rattle Snake and Violated.

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Late Amaka Igwe exudes so much passion and professionalism for the TV and Film Industry, and will give anything to see her thrive. Little wonder she pioneered the annual Best of the Best in African Film and Television Programs Expo, BoBTV, the annual forum for idea exchange, policy evaluation and business network.

A graduate of both the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) and the University of Ibadan, she was also the CEO of TOP RADIO 90.9FM, one of the leading radion stations in Lagos, Nigeria. She founded Q Entertainment Network, the first Nigerian drama series channel in 2014.

The tragic episode leading to her death took place in Enugu State, where she had gone for the pre-production of a new Igbo sitcom, in company of her husband.
According to reports, she suffered an asthmatic attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital after initial interventions had failed. She however passed on before getting to the hospital.

Her death came with the most asunder of all times, even as she died and left a surviving family. She really paid her dues in the motion picture industry, having arrived late 20’s when Nollywood was yet struggling from strength to strength. She joined the struggle while watching it grow in lips and bounds. It is pertinent to mention that will be impossible to write a book or journal on the history of Nollywood without having to dedicate a chapter or at least create a sub-theme to discuss this colossus (in every sense of the word).

AMAKA IGWE, MFR 1963-2014

AMAKA IGWE, MFR 1963-2014

The late Amaka Igwe stood and represented so many things. She had lofty dreams, most of which she did not live to see materialize. She had dreams to reposition the Igbo film industry to an enviable height. While she made frantic efforts to stay alive, she also fought the fight of setting a pace for the Igbo film industry and general Igbo content in the media. She had decried that Igbo films and media contents generally have suffered neglect from cable stations in Africa. Part of the far reaching result of her struggle is the recent creation of channel 159, Africa Magic Igbo on DSTV; these were some of the legacies Late Amaka lived for.

One year down memory lane, these late titan has remained immortal in the mind of all. In a bid to immortalize her, the organizers of Best Of Nollywood (BON) Award has created an award category to commemorate her. The award category is known as Amaka Igwe Director of the year award.

Amaka Igwe nee Isaac Ene will forever live in our heart, she was a success on every side because she successfully replicated herself and her ideologies into several people. Blessed is the memory of the righteous. Rest on Amaka!amaka igwe icon take

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