Kate Henshaw Vents Anger on Twitter Followers

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Kate Henshaw, a notable Nollywood actress and former House of Representatives aspirant, spent a better part of Tuesday on Twitter attacking her followers for remarks she considered as rude and abusive.

For six hours – 6am till noon – she was on the social network site attacking, defending herself and giving reasons she would not continue to stomach insults.

The celebrity had retweeted a post condemning the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, for banning AIT from covering his activities.

“Saharareporters and Twitter users insulted President Goodluck Jonathan daily, but he proved he was tolerant. GMB has not felt the real fire, yet he is throwing tantrums,” she retweeted.

She also retweeted a post saying Lagos residents would be interested in knowing what their tax proceeds were used for; and another urging “AIT to relocate its Lagos office, as the state government would soon revoke its certificate of occupancy.”

The posts got harsh feedbacks from one Bayo Ofere whose biography claims he lives in London, the United Kingdom. Ofere asked why Henshaw still lived in Lagos, wondering why she has yet to relocate.

The questions were instantly replied by Henshaw with remarks that many people considered abusive. The celebrity, who used Pidgin English to tweet, said she was ready to take up anybody who insults her “fire for fire.”

She shunned her fans’ advice that she should resist “the temptation to go ‘dirty’ on social media” to avoid negative publicity.

She insisted she would no longer shun those who go online to vent their “frustration” on celebrities, including her.

One Oyiza Khloe, who advised her to act like a “celebrity and not a rascal,” became another ‘enemy’ in the Twitter war.

“If you are acting on Ofere’s behalf, have fun. You are rascality personified! My life is not yours. Quickly unfollow me,” the actress fired back at Khloe.

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While she continued with her outbursts, some of her fans who were obviously uncomfortable with the trend advised her to block the offenders. But she insisted she would tackle them.

“You want to use me to gain popularity? If that is the choice you have made, you have taken a wrong route because I am ready to give you what you deserve,” she tweeted.

Henshaw, who has paid a fair share of the price of the life of glitz and glamour, said she had the right to choose where to live and that nobody could push her out of anywhere she chose to settle.

“I retweet, you abuse me. I will throw it right back at you, ingrate. You do not have the exclusivity to name-calling,” she told Ofere.

She noted that many celebrities had continued to suffer unfair verbal attacks because they wanted to avoid bad publicity, saying she would always welcome constructive criticisms. She expressed regrets that many critics were moved by hatred.

“I am human. Let no one think they can insult me and I will be quiet, expecting others to come to my rescue. I have a mouth. I will not ignore those who think they are rude. Ignoring gives the impression that one is weak or has something to hide. Neither of these applies to me,” she said in a series of tweets.

The actress had launched her social media activities on Instagram before many were awake on Tuesday. She urged her fans to “close your ears to all contrary and snide comments.” But a few minutes after the post, she could neither “close” her own ears nor contain her outbursts.

Meanwhile, Buhari may have, on Tuesday, received his first post-election social media backclash for the AIT ban. Even those who stood for him on Twitter and Facebook criticised the ban, which the All Progressives Congress has since reversed.

For instance, Kayode Ogundamisi, a social media activist, said the APC members who justified the ban on the ground that President Barack Obama took a similar step were simply “behaving like Jonathan’s men.”

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