Lancelot Imaseun Writes Love Note to Wife on Anniversary

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When you read heart felt love proses from couples they make you want to fall in love over and over again. prolific producer Lancelot Imasuen took to the social media to celebrate his wife few days back, he didn’t just stop at changing DPs, and shouting for all who care to hear, he also wrote an inspiring love note to his wife. Read below

My love,soul-mate, Iy ‘Ebuwa and my wife!. It’s been 9yrs since I met you of which 8yrs you’ve been my wife, my love, life and mother of Ebuwa,Osato and Iyesogie, three of a kind whose faces brings nothing else but, life,love,fun,beauty,peace and tranquillity, grace and favour,My wife from your Bowel these angels rolled out, and I remain forever thankful, gratefull and fullfiled, I have in all areas soared like the Eagle, covered by the almighty, your Bended Knees in prayers yields results in leaps and bounds, upon podiums of Honor I see your face smiling saying yes dear you’ve done it again, but I am saying to you now that, it’s you that makes it happen because you keep the home, healthy and happy so I work around the world fearless knowing your there! 
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In all I say thank you, peace and love unending forever! I cherish You, 
by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen To Aimuamwonsa lancelot imasuen, 
My Wife HWA.









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