Patience Ozokwor and Onyeka Onwenu at war over the plunders campaign money

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President Jonathans aborted re-election bid and plunders of campaign money is the brawl between the singer, broadcaster, actor and Director General, National Women Centre, Onyeka Onwenu and popular actor, Patience . According to Thisday,Onwenu had made it her business to have a majority of the creative population in Nigeria channel their request to see Jonathan and/or participate in his campaign.

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For an actor or musician to go around Onwenu to see Jonathan, his/her connection in Aso Rock Villa had to be very strong. So Onyeka was allegedly miffed when Ozokwor managed to get attention from Aso Rock on her steam. Try as she did to issue an order that Ozokwor should revert to her, it just didn’t work. Ozokwor must have summoned extraneous powers from the ‘evil’ role she frequently
plays in Nollywood to keep Onyeka off her track.

The fracas between the two Igbo women was not unconnected with who should control disbursement of the Jonathan campaign fund to a group of certain artistes. At one of the meetings, the center just couldn’t hold any more and things fell apart. Onwenu and Ozokwor allegedly threw dart of words and calling each other names. It took the interference of Dame Patience Jonathan to calm fighting women. They simply respected her but have continued to trade tirade at every opportunity.

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